Private sex recording

Myself and my wife are thinking about making a private sex tape. Just for our own viewing and have a few a few questions before we go ahead with it as need some advice What way do people think are the best way to record is it by phone, videocamera , secret spy camera. Wife says phone or video camera could be bit of a turnoff and mentioned a small camera that's less intrusive ie clock radio with a SD card so it's not in your face recording and being a turnoff. we have talked about if we do record on a phone we have concern endingup in the wrong hands with technology / cloud people get access to something personal. Any ideas or advice is much appreciated.

Knowing how easy it is to lose phones and also be hacked I would recommend a stand alone video camera without WiFi connectivity. Another consideration is where to securely store your sex tape recordings to make sure that they cannot be stolen and used to blackmail you.

If you have an iPhone you could film it using that, wait for it to download onto your computer and then delete the video from iCloud. This will not delete it from your computer - you can then move the file to somewhere secure.

Thanks for the ideas ,

hagions wrote:

Thanks for the ideas ,

Just don't put anything you record onto PC just do not do it, ICloud what ever. Record on your phone and keep it there.

Me and the OH have been doing this for a while gets us crazy horny would advise putting them on a USB stick and deleting it off everything else so much safer

How about a Go-Pro or action cam. Saves to an SD card, cheap to buy, easy to store/hide.

LisaLips wrote:

How about a Go-Pro or action cam. Saves to an SD card, cheap to buy, easy to store/hide.

that's quite a good idea I never though and I have a few of them 😄

EightyEightMilesPerHour wrote:

With appropriately robust security settings - strong passwords, passcodes and two-factor authentication, iCloud is a safer option than local storage, in my opinion.

^ Would have to agree with this, if 2 factor authenticar is used and you use a strong password with an email account that is not usually linked to your everyday online acitivity this would be extremely safe.

A USB would be a good second option I guess but again I would protect it with a password as if you lose it you don't want somebody else picking it up as curiousity gets to the best of us :P

If you have a stand along digital camera - most of those record video direct to SD card. Not the secred unobtrusive spy cam option suggested by your partner but propably better quality and it keeps it ringfenced off the internet.

I have got some recordings from a past relationship used a video camera and transferred them to a flash drive, I have things on my phone but it's passworded.

Its something we are attempting in the near future