Pro Elite Alana has lost colouring

Can anyone tell me what the THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator is actually made from? I need to just recoulour the toy a bit but not sure what to apply so it won’t damage the material? I think it is TPE but unfortunately the Lovehoney customer care team told me it was a “soft plastic”.

I am on my 3rd one now and would like to keep it in tip-top condition.


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Reading one of the comments, it mentioned that it does not come with any information and they could not find any online. Unless some one here knows it might be an idea to drop the manufacturers an email.

I don’t have any but as far as I am aware the whole range is TPE. The care instructions mention using renewer powder which you would only really do with TPE.

To be safe I’d try not to recolour it yourself as can’t be too safe when it’s something that goes in your body