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Im not sure if this is where to post this but I was wondering if a picture of my ass in sissy panties or a thong with a toy near me would be inappropriate for a profile picture


Al long as it complies to the photo rules your usually good. If in doubt have a skim of the linerie upload thread :+1:
They do get moderated, so if it vanishes its probubly fallen foul of something. But norm ally its nothing a few well placed emoji cant handle (no nipples is the usual culprit. That rules across the board for fairness)
Plenty of photos of crossdressing on the site too, and as long as the toy is clean its fine too.


@Green_Eyed_Girl thank you! I just want something sexy but not inappropriate


Just make sure any private parts are covered - bum I’m a thong is fine.
As long as it is clear that you aren’t USING the toy, then I’m pretty sure that’s acceptable :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well we’re waiting for it :laughing:!