Prostate depth when sounding?

I'm interested in trying to stimulate my prostate via the urethra. I know most people use a prostate massager but due to various reasons I'm not interested in anal.

I have a set of hagar sounds that I use now and again. When flaccid I can get these all the way to the end (they're roughly 8 inches long)

My question is how much deeper do you need to go to reach the prostate, and is there anything Lovehoney do that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance.

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I have a set of rosebud sounds and with those it's really obvious when I get to the prostate. My guess is that these sounds are about 10 inches long and they reach the prostate by the time they are 8 inches in so you must be close. There is a fluttering sensation as the sound reaches the prostate.

Not sure if LH do rosebud sounds or not. 


Please remember we are business before a forum and recommending other brands is frowned upon.

As we sell sounding products please do keep this in mind. 

Thank you. 

Sorry Leanne. Thought it was just other sites we shouldn't mention.
Have smacked myself on the hand and will remember that in future :-)

Thanks Gyrator. Do you mean your prostate flutters?
Once there do you move it in and out or just leave it?

Spidercouple wrote:

Thanks Gyrator. Do you mean your prostate flutters?
Once there do you move it in and out or just leave it?

Sorry not to get back to you before. I had to do a bit of experimentation to remind myself (the things I do in the interests of science!)

With an 8mm rosebud sound I found that I reach the prostate at about 8 inches in. I find I have to adjust the angle of the sound and my penis for the sound to slide easily for the last couple of inches. With the rosebud there is a distinct rise in resistance as the bud enters the prostate and then a relaxation almost as if the bud is sitting in a pocket there. slight movement (say 5mm) each way gives a distinct thrill and makes me want to tense my pelvic floor muscles (as if stopping peeing or ejaculating) and this gives a distinct twitch to the sound.

A hard clenching of the pelvic floor or ejaculation with the sound down in the prostate can cause some discomfort and trauma to the urethra (small amount of blood coming out with the bud) but I have never had any issue arising from this (though I'm very careful about not introducing infection)

If you do stimulate yourself to ejaculation or have the luck to have a partner do it to you, I would suggest withdrawing the sound from the prostate slightly just before as it can be quite painful to cum with the sound down there.

I love the idea of this and bought some sounds some time ago. They curve at the end and I’ve always been worried to push them too far in case I do some damage. It’s also quite difficult to use them when erect, is that normal?

Youll find the curved type quite hard to insert when hard you need to be soft, once in no problem hard just dont try and remove, you can go reasonably deep with a straight sound I’ve had a rose bud one in about 10", I’ve just ordered a silicone version that can go way in its hollow too, been some tome since I’ve played that way a twisted type design may help as the lube stays in the twists better silicone can drag a bit.
Don’t use ones that ate too slim 6mm at the smallest

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I did give it a little go tonight, just went in a couple of inches to start. I’ll see how I feel in a couple of hours and try again a bit deeper. Just not quite sure when to stop lol and what the best thing is once in… do I leave it there or move it up and down. Like the idea of finding my prostrate this way but a bit nervous of doing damage if I push too far.

I would suggest you look up sounding advice to help safely using them.
You can use a syringe to push lube inside before the rod, this makes it easier but keep lube only for sounding not other uses. Allow the rod to fall in under own weight lying down (don’t allow it to “drop” though) you may have to move “things” about slightly to allow for the curve, go gently and you’ll soon be further than you’d imagine, once the rod is fully in to where feels comfortable you can masturbate freely just don’t try and remove it. Straight rods(with ribs) can feel really nice sliding in and out, the ribs help keep the lube in place too.
If you Google sounding advice there’s a good article by the chain gang, there used to be a guide here but I can’t find it.

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Are either of these any good?

How to use urethral sounds

What is urethral sounding?

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I would suggest just going slowly and back off if you get worried.

I never used a syringe for lube, just extracted and put more lube on and pushed a little more.

I have used curved and straight (I’m sure LH used to sell a vibrating one but can’t seem to find it now).

Just relax and go gently.

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I tried with the curved VB sound again last night but stopped after a short while as I just wasnt co fidentbthat I wouldn’t do some damage. Find it difficult to push it more than a couple of inches because of the curve… think maybe I’ll try a straight one. I’ve seen a few vibrating straight sounds which look like they might be a lot of fun.

I also ordered a plug which arrived last week, only about 2 inches long but with 3 little 6mm balls that give a nice feel. I do need bigger though as they dont give much stretch at all and have a 12mm one on order. Got the ball one in right now :slight_smile: I only have it in for half hour at a time atm but like how it feels when I clench. It doesn’t stay in very well if I move about though lol so looking for something that holds in as well. Maybe one with a glands ring? How long would you suggest is ok to keep them in?

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Holy shit a silicone sound built for a chastity device… I wonder if it can be sold separately. That cage is too big and would go to waste :stuck_out_tongue: