Prostate massage by OH

Hi all, i have recently asked my partner to give me a prostate massage with her fingers. We are not completely new to anal as i penetrate her anally regularly.

However, she has never penetrated me or played with me anally. Any advice from men for what feels good when receving a prostate massage is welcomed.



The best way I can describe it , is like the tingling sensation at the base of the Penis , as your going to orgasm , but you don’t.
When you finally do climax , it’s incredible.
Just enjoy

personally notice a lot more pre and more intense orgasm.
was surprised at my own reaction the first time my legs went wonky :laughing:

It’s great fun and can lead to a hands free orgasm, as there are lots of nerve endings the sensations can be very enjoyable.
It is always best to start off slowly and not go too deep until you feel comfortable. It is a matter of your body getting used to something in that area. You may at a later time want to try anal toys, strap ons, but do build up slowly.

I think it’s the closest thing to having a female type orgasm. When your partner applies pressure to your prostate you will start ejaculating whether you have an erection or not. It’s really quite amazing & wonderful. You can also have back to back orgasms as well. Prostate is the males G spot.

Suppose everyone is different, plenty of lube first and get your oh to experiment until you find that spot!

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I’d say plenty of lube and make sure she don’t have sharp nails, other than that I’d say it’s all pretty smooth sailing

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