Prostate massage when trying to conceve

Has anybody else seen mentioned on a few different websites mostly talking about the trend for anal for men in 2016 that using prostate massage is a way of helping male fertility by increasing the blood flow to the area. It also increases the amount of fluid produced supposedly helping the swimmers reach their final destination. Alot of the sites recommend the new lelo range of massager.

Does anybody think it would make a difference when trying to conceve or is it just abit of dodgy science?

The prostate fluid helps to make the acidic semen less acidic to make the sperm more motile and helps make the semen fluid again after it sort of coagulates inside the partner.

I don't know if a prostate massage would help in conceving, but it will not do any harm. In theory, it could help a tad but I have not read anything about this myself.

Most of the mentions seem to be involved in the advertising for the lelo range of massagers it might not make much difference but should be fun to try out anyway. Trying for a baby can often become a little repetitive without trying out other ideas to keep it new and fun.
Might give it a go after nearly 16 months of trying we will try anything to get pregnant.

We went to the Dr at 12 months did full blood tests on me but said that in the nhs you need to try for 2 years without success for them to do anything more like sperm testing. I'm doing slimming world to lose abit of weight as that can help might try the omega oil though.