Pulled off by a two women

My best ever orgasm was in my 20,s at a friends party and got involved with 2 elder women, no sex as such took place I didnt even touch there bodies, but between them they gave me one hell of a hand job one had her hand over my mouth to stop me groaning which really gave it the edge, oh I wish I could have that again.

my best ever orgasms was when i had 14 in one night!!! This was just over a year ago, my boyfriend and I had the house to ourselves, and we decided to make a night of it, he did everything to pleasure me that night, and i just kept coming over nad over again. By the end of our fantastic session, I was knackered for a few days after!! hehe!!

I love marathon sex sessions, especialy after a few glasses of wine, just being stood in the room erect waiting in itself is so intense i love it

I agree Dominator, who needs the gym after a marathon session eh!?!?