Does a penis pump work on a clit?

I suspect not really, as the opening will be bigger so would be hard with most persons anatomy to target only the clit. Might work for some tho!

You can get pussy pump kits that also come with smaller “fittings” for nipples and clit tho - these are designed for basically the same thing.

We’ve tried them - OH wasn’t a fan tho!

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This - https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/bondage/nipple-clitoral-toys/clitoral-pussy-pumps/p/lovehoney-swell-time-clitoris-and-nipple-pump-/a40672g74217.html

Or this https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/bondage/nipple-clitoral-toys/clitoral-pussy-pumps/p/dominix-deluxe-clitoris-pump-excitement-system/a45467g81927.html

Would be the equivalent sort of thing for owners of a clitoris.

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I would doubt it, there are pussy pumps, not sure if there is anything specifically for the clitoris.

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Thank you,i was just intrigued.

This set has a clit pump in it.

If you click on the 4 star reviews, mine is on the second page if you want to read it.

They’re awful lol

I liked them, for what they are :man_shrugging:t2: