Punishment and Reward

Hi all, I’m hoping for some sexual or non-sexual punishments or rewards for my sub who is new to the world, I don’t want her to be to overwhelmed by the experience so am taking it slowly at the moment and hoping that you very knowledgeable people could suggest some alternatives to the usual punishments and rewards for good or bad behaviour… Thanks in advance…


We’re just dipping our toes in the water at the moment and all our punishments and rewards are sexual and very simple. My punishment is denial of any form of sexual activity for me and my reward is some sort of sexual stimulation. It ranges from the purely mechanical (we have a machine) to the very intimate depending on what sort of reward I deserve.


The only thing that springs to mind at the mo is bum spanking or chastity but guess they’re both the most obvious ones for pleasure punishments


Edging or teasing mixed with denial is a good option if you dont want to go spanking.
Oral (or handjobs) is a nice reward. You can make her giving you oral a reward. Eg, if your good i’ll let you have my cock.
Her being allowed to cum is also an option.
Giving her “control” or the illusion of control. Ie. Letting her be ontop and do all the work to get you/ you and her off. You can still do this whilst ordering her around, changing the pace, being impatient and taking control after a while or just flipping you both over.

You can dangle a reward infront of her but make it hard for her to claim as it where. Eg. Allowing her to give you oral, but making her do it with her hands cuffed behind her back, or blindfolded.
Or giving her oral but saying she has to be quiet or you’ll stop.
Making it a challenge can be great incentive and alot of fun


So I’m going to offer some non sexual options as there’s been some great sexy ideas.
Line writing
Naughty step/corner
Treat denial coffee wine choc etc for an agreed period
Device/social media ban
Early bedtime or early get up
Chores outside of normal chores… if theyre open to humiliation kink, you could ask that it’s done naked (same with naughty step) this could also work as a reward if she’s a slave.
Must on sit/sleep on the floor for a period of time.

Rewards wise… I would sit and talk and see what she wants and what she would regard as a reward. Although I love impact scenes and sex etc, in regards to my rewards I love treats… I love date nights and stuffies and shopping trips etc. You can implement a reward chart so she gets stars/points etc for certain things and can get rewards if she gets so many in a week or you could have a tiered system where she can save them up and ‘cash’ them in.

I take it as you’re asking you may be fairly new to the lifestyle also. (Apologies if I’m wrong)
Please remember that punishments, funishments and rewards should be negotiated like anything else and agreed to and safe words can be used at ANY time.

Have fun!!!

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