Pure nJoy Wand

So, I'm looking to buy it (and invest the cash!) has anyone got it and got experience of using it on either Male or Female (mostly interested in female) and any tips.

It's this one - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=9030

I've read thousands of reviews but just wandered if we had any hard evidence of use from members and tips?

Cheers x

All the reviews on there are from people (Mainly from the forums.) I have a review up on there. I LOVE my njoy wand. It is amazing.

I have a review up on my bllog if you wanted to look http://blissfullyorgasmic.com/sex-toys/dildos/njoy-pure-wand-stainless-steel-dildo/

It is a great dildo and worth the investment. If you're on the mailing list too there's a 25% off code floating around making it even more of a bargain. x

Ahhh how do I get the mailing list discount?

ahh found it :) thanks for the review - glad to hear its amazing...

Richy wrote:

Ahhh how do I get the mailing list discount?

Hello Richy,

Just google discount codes.

Sorry if I'm in the wrong by posting this info, if so please correct me.

You're welcome :D It really is a great dildo.

have had my eye on this for ages, its just way out of my price range sadly

I have been tempted for a while now as the only toy that i have had a gspot orgasm with is this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=14134

I dont know wether to get the Lelo gigi or njoy wand next time i get paid. The Gigi vibrates like the one i have but the njoy and has a similarish shape x

I do not have this toy, but I have another dildo from the njoy range and I can say I love mine and I think its great investment. Yes, pricey, but this one will really last you a life time.

Its bit heavy, so it may not be best if you have problems with wrists or fingers, but apart from that... I really love it. Also I guess not for very long use or you may feel your hand lol

Looks so pretty..

Its turned up today but the missus is away until next week! Doh! Maybe try on myself first - going to send pics to my other half to tease her and send her some of the reviews of it!

So now we have had chance to use this several times I have to say WOW!!!!

The missus is VERY impressed....its worked to find her gspot fantastically! IT really really hits the mark in conjunction with a vibe on her clit.

She has to the get the njoy in the right place first and then she likes just very small thrusts of it...no squirting yet but some very we pussy and some very big orgasms....twice in a row in one session with it in 3 mins or so!

Going to keep progressing with this (having a session tonight) and see if we get the squirt - although from what I've read it needs big thursting to do this which she doesn't really like....Hmmmm!!!