Q and A for the ALL the members here...

Hi there all, 

In the interest of getting to know you all better... I would like to ask you all some questions.

It is mutiple choice so you just need to reply with the letter or statement you agree with most OR your top pick.

Do not feel you have to participate and if you would rather not then that is absolutely fine.

There are 10 questions, they are not too invasive. It is  just to get an idea of the members here and your likes / dislikes.

Please pop a post reply with the answers below, OR  if you would like to keep it low key you can always email me at community@lovehoney.co.uk. Please title the email Q and A post.

So let’s find out more about you…

Q1: Pick a colour...  

Adark blue.pngBColour survey- pink.jpeg Cpastel green.jpgDdark grey.png

Q2: How would you rate your Bondage experience level?

A- Beginner (Light taps and gentle strokes are occurring!)

B- Not your cuppa tea (Got a spanking, hated it !) / Totally Vanilla!

C- Intermediate (Always up for some clamping times! )

D- Advanced (That red room, ha! You should see what I’ve got! )

Q3: Which style are you drawn to most ?

Arock.jpgBpin up.jpgCharajuku-couple.jpgDsuit and tie.jpg

Q4: What is your musical taste?

A- House/Electro, I am often raving away !

B- Rock/Rap, The heavier the better! MOSHPIT

C- Classical/Instrumental, love to chill with the main man B!

D- Pop/Chart, A Beilber 4 life!

Q5: Pick a cartoon :


Q6: If you could own any of these animals (mythological or not), which would you pick?  

A- Unicorn/Horse

B- Reptile/Dragon

C- Tiger/Lion

D- Cat/Dog

Q7: Pick a Book/Saga:

AFiftyShades.jpgBTara Sivec.jpegCO.jpgDTango.jpg

Q8: How often do you use toys?

A: Um… My toy box is collecting dust! / I am here to start my collection!

B: All the time with my OH, our sexual appetite is a ‘buzz’!

C: Only for solo use / When my OH isn’t there/ I am a Single Pringle.

D: Only for bondage purposes/I am a Dom, whips and chains are a must!

Q9: Pick an item:

Acock ring.jpgBpaddle.jpgCwand.jpgDNuo.jpg

Finally… Q10: Do you review for us ?

A: I am a Secret Squirrel, Level 10! C'mon Leanne you know my username!

B: I have had a few items from the tester list. / Had a few secret items

C: Not yet but would love to! /What the hell is a Secret Squirrel ? I want to know more!

D: Not interested

Let's have a little bit of fun and get to know each other!

I would love for it be an open discussion. I understand if you would rather email or not even partcipate.

Thank you all heart

1. A

2. D

3. A

4. C

5. D

6. B (I want a dragon!)

7. C

8. B

9. B

10. A

This quiz was fun :)

A + B



B + C





A + B + C + D

C Yes pleeeeaaaaase.

Q1, C
Q2, A
Q3, B
Q4, D 🙈
Q5, A
Q6, C
Q7, B
Q8, B
Q9, A

Ooo fun :)

8.B and D

1 a
2 c
3 c
4 b
5 b
6 c
7 a
8 b
9 c
10 b

Hi Leanne











1. A

2. A moving towards C

3. A

4. B

5. D

6. D I'm a total cat lady 😁

7. C

8. B

9. C but B is a close second

10. A

1. A

2. D

3. B

4. A

5. C

6. A Unicorn

7. D

8. B/C

9. B

10. A



3 A or B

4 B

5 D

6 C

7 D

8 B

9 C or A

10 A

1. A

2. C

3. A

4. B

5. D

6. C

7. D

8. B

9. C

10. A

That was fun :)

oops, I meant 1D

1 B
2 A
3 C
4 B
5 C
6 D
7 D
8 C
9 C
10 C

1. A

2. A

3. D

4. D

5. B

6. B

7. N/A

8. C

9. D (i own this one!)

10. B

1. C

2. A

3. A & C

4. B

5. B

6. C

7. A

8. C

9. D

10. A/B

1) D
2) C
3) D
4) D
5) A
6) D
7) A
8) B
9) B
10) A

Great quiz Leanne.

1) A
2) D
3) D
10) A

Love stuff like this. Is most a's a love honey pro? 😂

OK here goes:
1: A
2: Somewhere between A & C more tie n tease at the moment...
3: B
4: B
5: B/D
6: B +1 Dragon!!!
7: A (not read any but Oh read 50...)
8: B
9: A
10: B

Thanks. Fun little exercise.

1. A and B
2. B
3. D
4. B
5. A - No idea what it this is but love the pic and I do like erotic animation
6. A - Unicorn
7. D - not read any of these, but the descrition on the cover of D sounds interesting.
8. C
9. D - looks interesting
10. C

1 A

2 C

3 D

4 B ish

5 D

6 B

7 D

8 B-

9 C

10 C