Question about some of the lovehoney rabbits.

Hey guys,

Just wondering if you can help. I probably shouldn't be looking into buying anything else but been wondering about the "rabbit blowouts" new offer. Then I've just noticed one is the deal of the day. Basically I'm just curious of trying a different sensation rather than just vibrations, the rabbits I've seen though with beads and rotating heads look awesome. One problem though, they were designed for a pussy not a man's bum haha, but watching the videos I've not been able to see how flexible with are. Have any ladies tried them anally (if that's a word haha) or could tell me how flexible they are. Would be even more helpful if anyone with the rabbit featured on the deal of the day could help answer my questions. Also any advice from guys who have tried the rabbits let me know! I've actually suggested on the Pander post about creating a vibrator for anal use, with a rotating head and beads without the rabbit part. Just so there's something new to use rather than just butt plugs, vibrating butt plugs, prostate massager etc. Just bought a vibrating dildo that love honey created which I look forward to trying. Just good to explore other things rather than be used to simply vibrations haha :)

Thanks xx

I cant help u hun... ive only tried the greedy girl rabbit and i dont personally think its suitable for what u want... i do hope u find one though and rem , if one does take ur fancy , try it, theres a fab return policy if u dont get on with it xx

I can't answer fully as such, but i did have the slimline jessica that is very similar to the DOTD, and while i only used it vaginally (once, it broke) i couldn't feel the rotating beads, despite it being one of the very first toys i ever tried and as a virgin who never even used tampons so tight like it would be anally, and when attempting to squeeze on it the motor would just stop and it stopped rotating, so the jessica atleast probably wouldn't be what you were looking for, unless i just got a damaged one, but i don't think the water leakage due to a crack in the screw cap impaired it til after i used it.

I tried the rabbit DOTD twice, over a year ago. My first ever and last experience ever since with a rabbit. Only tried it vaginaly. You can actually bend the whole shaft under the beaded part and it would stay in the position you put it, and above the beaded part the silicone also has some flexibility in it. You can bend the rabbit part all the way down to touch the white plastic of the control buttons' part, but it will jump back to its place if you let go (unlike the shaft as said above). I did feel the beads rotating inside my vagina, and it was strange at first, but not unpleasant. All in all, if you manage to tie in some way the rabbit ears to the control part so that it wouldn't interfere, I suppose you could use it analy. I wasn't happy with the product, but I don't think in this case my experience would be relevant :).

I have the DOTD rabbit ( and I really like it for vaginal use - the rotating beads and moving head feel really good to me. Though the rabbit ears don't quite fit me - often enough I turn the toy around so that the rabbit nose stimulates the perineum.

I have tried to use it anally, but I couldn't feel a lot, shaft-wise: I think the rotating beads just stop when they are squeezed (I've just been experimenting holding the beads in my hand). Otherwise, the clit stimulator isn't a problem, it bends out of the way (at right angles to the shaft and a bit more). And will then squeeze you a bit where it touches - I found it not unpleasant.

As for bending the shaft, as era writes, I really don't see how that could be possible without breaking the toy: Under the beads is a solid plastic core underneath the silicone - at least in my version. Maybe a change since era had hers?

aaroncoughlin, as you seem to be mostly interested in the rotating beads, there's a good possibility that you will be disappointed. On the other hand, the price is good - try it out with a condom over it and pass it on to a female friend? Or return it to LH?

As for completely different sensations - have you had a look at the Stronic Zwei? I just bought the Eins (at 35 % off locally) and it's amazing.

The beads and rotating heads grind to a halt when vaginal muscles contract, considering how much tighter/stronger you bum muscles are I do not believe it would function at all. A loose fist is in fact enough to slow the beads and head, so there you go. They're not very powerful functions.

Plus the bunny ears would definitely be bent beyond what they should be in order to insert it far enough to have the beads in the correct position. They may be flexible, but you'd end up tearing the material where the ears join the shaft by bending them too far and that would create a whole host of problems.

If you want a rotating head, you can't beat this toy:

Or the remote control option:

This one I am not sure about personally, but it features a 'wave' movement which is slightly different:

The rotating head concept already exists and works very well in purpose designed anal toys. I doubt beads will ever make it due to the aforementioned problems with them simply grinding (somewhat painfully) to a halt during use, but the rotation/back and forth movements are there :)

Sorry for late reply ladies. Thankyou all so much for your advice! Much appreciated. Didn't think about the possibility of the dildo not working inside a tight orifice (it's still pretty relaxed haha) so I guess there's not much point to try them out. Be good if there was one powerful enough for anal use tho. I'm gonna look into this Stronic Zwei Talia thankyou. Love birds I've wanted a nexus revo for so long but it's a bit pricey but it looks absolutely amazing! Love how you always get lengthy helpful replies on here thankyou all xxx

In case, aaroncoughlin, you are still interested in a different sensation: I finally got around to trying the Jack Rabbit Petite Thrusting Rabbit . It does work anally - continues to thrust and the rabbit ears bend out of the way (easily 90 degrees with the shaft) and then flutter interestingly.

I'd strongly recommend to use it with a condom, though: It's TPE, i. e. porous, and the ridges that allow for the expansion of the shaft are extremely difficult to clean. Considering that (and the impossible-to-feel buttons) it's a much more affordable alternative to Fun Factory's Stronic line (I have serious doubts about whether it will last as long, however).