Question for the ladies rgarding Glass Dildos

Hi I recently ordered a glass dildo as a present for my OH. I have read that you can heat them or cool them. Is this necessary and does it make a difference when it comes to feelings

It isn't necessary you don't have to heat or cool them, but yet it does make a difference. I mean I've used mine without and used them with, if I can be bothered I will cool it as I like the coldness inside me and it does feel fantastic. The different senses are great.

Hope the OH likes the gift. xx

Its not necessary but its fun to play around with the temperature as it does bring different sensations.
Of course its all about trying it out and finding what she likes. Like FA I know lots of people love cooling them down in the fridge as they love the cold feeling but i personally can't stand that, much prefer it when they are warmed up.
I think its definitely worth trying if you have them.

Thanks frozenangel and Lou22, advice much appreciated

It just adds a new dimension to play I guess. You certainly do not have to heat or cool them (In fact 99% of the time, I don't, too much effort and planning lol) but it is fun to experiment.

The safest way to heat and cool glass toys is either in a bowl of icy water, or in a bowl of warm water. Putting them in the freezer might be okay as long as you rinse them off well and let them warm up a little before use. Ice burns (Whre the material will stick and burn the skin, kind of like licking a frozen lamp post) are not fun! Which is why I recommend avoiding the freezer or taking lots of care. Putting it in the fridge should be okay.

Hey p.mac

It's definitely not necesary to use temperature play, but it can be a lot of fun.

Just pop your glass toy in warm or cool water for 10 mins before play to test what you both think of the different sensations.

We don't recommend using extreme methods for heating / cooling though, such as putting your toy in the freezer or boiling water. Too many stories of burns and sticking moist parts to frosty toys - YOWCH!

Have fun!!

Glass toys dont have to be used warm or cold,room temp is nice,i guess how you use then it all depends on personal preference really,and what type of play you enjoy,i have placed my icicles twist and turn toy in the freezer ,but i always place it in a freezer bag and when i get it out, i leave it for a few moments before using it,you just have to be extra cautious,when freezing a toy,because freezer burns arent nice :(

i started to use glass because me and my partner love sensory play,we have the tracey cox set so we have use one warm and one cold,my partner will then blind fold me and trace the warm on over my body then the cold one he often alternates between the two which sends my senses crazy as i never know which one is coming next and that is a huge turn on :)