Question for the straight ladies

Have you ever watched your OH have sex with another woman?
If so :-
Was it pre-arranged or happen by accident
What was it like to see it? Were you jealous or horny?
Were you a voyeur or did you join in with hubby?
Did it become something that you do more regularly?
Just curious to see if any ladies out there that are not bi have been happy to see their fella with another woman.

I don't think sexuality comes into it much, I'm bi and I'd never watch OH with another woman, it's not about the woman it's watching your man be pleasured, I know I could never watch my man be pleasured by anyone but me

nooo! I think I would go mad if I caught / seen him with another woman. The only other women he can have is a realistic vagina from lh. I think our relationship would go straight down hill, even if we had arranged it. But I'm quite a jealous, lack of self confidence person so I would constantly be thinking about him pleasuring someone else & more so him enjoying it.

Definitely far too jealous to watch my husband with another woman for exactly the same reasons Delboy mentioned above.

Another jealous one,I would never be able to do that with someone I care about.Also bi,btw.

I have, the thought of it turned me on but in reality it was very different. The other woman is a close friend though deffo don't think I would go ahead with a stranger.

no way would I allow that. I would be so jealous

Definitely not for me, I like it if he pleasures himself but with another woman?! That's a huge no, no for me.

I can only see bad come from it, I alway think swingers etc arent happy with each other so they share around.

I think this type of thing should be locked in the fantasy draw if it turns you or him on,.

This is something I have fantasised about, but in practical terms I couldn't handle it. Your last question bothers me, you can't honestly be in a committed relationship and expect to be able to sleep with another woman regularly. Defeats the whole point of chosing a woman to be in a relationship with? We play this fantasy out using realistic toys, it works as it satisfies without any repercussions.

I also don't think it's fair to imply that bi people would be anymore likely than straight people to engage in threesomes or sharing around just because they are attracted to both genders...being bi does not change the dynamic of a relationship at you can see from the replies above bi women think just the same way as straight women in terms of jealousy and loyalty. Being turned on by women does not mean you're turned on by watching your partner sleep with a woman who is not you.

Thanks for all of the replies. Interesting stuff.
I agree with most comments that this is probably for the fantasy drawer for most, but given that most posters on this site are probably more open and broadminded than many, wondered if there was a more liberal thought on this.
I certainly didn’t mean to imply or offend anyone who is bi, or for that matter infer anything by it at all, it just seemed like ladies who were bi were more likely to accept this scenario, hence wondered if straight ladies would accept another woman in the bedroom.
Ah well. I have my answer and consider myself suitably chastised lol!

You didn't offend, it's a common thought, being bi, when you tell a guy his first thought is THREESOME to some point it's understandable, I'm enjoy having sex with men and women, and it would be enjoyable, but I couldn't let anyone touch him, and I couldn't let anyone touch me, it's a fantasy but in reality it doesn't work. We do go the strip club together though which is fun, we had a dance once but I didn't like a woman being all over him even knowing they weren't having sex

I'm still not sure about this. As a woman I never thought I'd like to see another woman pleasing my man but a few years ago we sorted something. It was a foursome but NO intercourse! The men first played around with our tits, and then then swapped partners (playing with tits only) then us women played with ourselves a little while being watched then let the men have a little play with us. We then took our men in our mouths for a while and when nice and hard we swapped partners again taking the other man in my mouth and the 'other women' taking my oh in her mouth. Because we said no sex we knew it couldn't go that far. It did feel a little strange when the man released in my mouth but I did enjoy it and so did my oh. And obviously when he came in the the other woman's mouth. There was a little awkward silence afterwards but that soon went. To be honest my only thing I would change is that there should have been sex or at least tried it! As long as your all aware of whats happening, I can't see a problem. We often talk about it but haven't done it again... YET x

Personally, it's not for me. Although I trust my husband 100%, I'm a very jealous person. It's orobabky down to my own insecurities because I think I'm punching well above my league.

However, if you use the search bar above and type in things like "threesome" and "swingers" you'll find a lot of previous threads that will probably contain the information you're looking for.

Before I ventured into Lovehoney I thought that people who took part in things like this weren't happy in their relationship, or I thought that people just wanted to have their cake and eat it by being with one partner constantly but be able to sleep around.

Since I've been on Lovehoney, I've found it to be totally different from that. The couples that have been on the forums and discussed threesomes and swinging actually have very admirably strong relationships. There's couples on here that have been together for 30+ years that are into swinging, and have such a solid relationship that these things are just all in fun. They have certain things that they won't allow but this is all discussed beforehand and they ensure that none of those boundaries are crossed. I actually envy that they don't feel jealousy because it can be a horrible thing to deal with.

Sometimes it doesn't work out, but this is genrally with couples that haven't been together very long, usually less than 5 years, and dive into it without dipping their toes in first or really communicating with each other.

You also must remember that every person is different, and every couple is even more different. What works for one couple definitely won't work for you, and what works for you won't work for someone else. It's all down to the individual couple and communication has to be a huge aspect in this. Talk, talk and talk some more, and once you've spoke enough about it, add on another year and talk about it some more before even looking into meeting any other people.

This sort of thing can make or break a relationship, and both parties need to be 100% compliant with the situation.