Quiet Vibrators

Can anyone sugeest a good but quite vibrator?
I'm at university and live in a house with 6 other people, so its very rare that they are all out.
The walls arn't that thick and sometimes i worry my rabbit is a bit too noisy!

yea i have the same problem as my house walls are very thin but i find a bit of music and you can hardly hear it at all ( just a quiet buzz like form a tv or pc) and i have the jessica rabbit but i hear the tracey cox rabbit is VERY quiet so maybe you shoulc try that...

Try the Digger from the Fun Factory. It's quiet and extremely well made so it'll give you years of superb fun.

The whisper is strong and quiet but the damn thing is made of such thin plastic mine broke after only a short time , however a large squirt of adhisive and its mended, still good for the job

The Lelo Lily is one of the quietest vibes that I have come acroos; http://www.orgasmarmy.com/vibrators/lelo-lily-luxury-rechargeable-vibrator/reviews.aspx. I've used it in bed when my partern has been asleep and he didn't even notice! It's a bit on the expensive side - but as it's rechargable you save on batteries... even the review from someone who didn't like it still agreed it was quiet! At the other end of the scale a cheaper option is the finger tingler; http://www.orgasmarmy.com/vibrators/tracey-cox-supersex-finger-tingler/reviews.aspx

I've just reviewed a new vibrator called Inch Perfect that I rate highly. My review was of the larger one, but I'm told the mini version is almost silent. It's a good quality vibe and showerproof too! Take a look here at the mini version:


I see the question was posted last June, and I SINCERELY hope you haven't been without a quiet vibrator all this time!?! :p

I've just got this Fun Factory Mini Meany (review coming soon): http://www.orgasmarmy.com/vibrators/fun-factory-mini-meany-silicone-vibe/reviews.aspx and it's incredibly versatile, very quiet, and amazing value for money, I think.

A little, quiet, personal vibe which is all singing, all dancing, I've had very positive experiences with it, and recommend it if you can bear to be without a rabbit shaped one?

Gosh, I hope you've got one by now, and please by all means let us know what you chose and if it was any good for you?

xx Lubyanka. :)

ps: OA Scrumptious, your link doesn't work cos it has a full stop at the end of it which is being included. You need this link without the full stop:


Nice looking vibe, but as I've just been treating Myself rather more extravagantly than I should, I'm going to leave it, at least for now. :p

I agree with OA scrumptious. I bought a Lilly Lelo and whilst I prefer the higher vibrations, which means more noise, it is still very discrete and I personally think the price tag is worth it. I always seem to break my other vibrators...

hiya does anyone have the toy joy waternymph? if so is it quiet? i too am at uni and the rooms definately arent designed for privacy :D x

a while back i bought a vib a rabbit one that was sold and claimed to be silent!! to be honest ive heard quieter concrete mixers!!! there is no way that it can be used if anyone is at home within a 10 mile radius, so now its confined to the box with no batteries in justin case

I got a £1 "special" from Lovehoney the " Oceania" reading all the reviews its supposed to be very noisy however its very hard to hear it buzzing in view of the screaming when its being used....pocket rocket !!

Oceana that should read now discontinued.......quite a few very similar though on the Lovehoney boards.

To be honest, in university halls, most people have music or the tv on; are focusing on their studies (I know- shocking lol) or will think you're shaving.

Lived in them last year. rest assured- they probably can't hear your rabbit. But if you havn't got a quieter one yet, use it under the covers, or with music playing.