Quotes needed: guys, what really turns you on?

Hey everyone!

I'm writing a piece this week for the viral news website, Pretty52, on what really turns guys on, and I'm looking for some anonymous quotes from men to use in the piece.

If you'd like to take part and have the opportunity to be featured, please comment below with what you find sexiest in a woman (or man, or any other gender). I'm looking more for behavioural traits than things people do in the bedroom necessarily, e.g. 'I find confidence the sexiest thing in a woman because it shows she's in control of her pleasure'.

Similarly, if you don't think sex appeal comes from one specific thing, then let me know that as well.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Physically, what I'm most drawn to in a woman is her eyes, her lips & her smile. As far as turn-ons go, I'm naturally attracted to women who are outwardly shy, but who aren't afraid to be flirtatious or suggestive when you're alone together.

I also love it when a woman is able to be open about what turns her on. Talking about who else she fancies though, celebrities and the like, is a big turn off. Guys get jealous too y'know!

Intelligence is the sexiest thing in women. It makes them less judgemental and open to new things.

I find the four biggest turn on's for me are;

1. Innuendo, a little bit of visual and vocal teasing long before funtime incredibly sexy

2. Heels, boots in particular, They lengthen the legs and I love long legs.

3. I love my lover to know what they want and go for it, I love to get lost in the moment.

4. Fresh aroma, nothing like my lady clean, perfume on and in clean sheets

+ 1&2 in bed is always a bonus

For me its confidence in a woman.I like women who know they are sexy ,dress sexily (not tarty) and show an interest but play hard to get. I like them to smell nice with expensive perfume so that they leave a scent which has to be followed. I also like a woman to know her body language and gives corresponding signals ,perhaps with an element of tease and leading on but still keeps her distance i.e. . Cat and mouse game.

A curvy figure,a happy confident personality,a flash of cleavage and as others have said cleanliness and a nice perfume.Stockings and heels too,but they`re not a necessity!

I love ginger hair although it probably doesn't turn me on.
What does though is the sounds when sight is restricted.
Confidence in a non-brash manner and touching in a certain but non erotic manner.

I like a woman who knows what she wants .. ladies,.. if you want to get it on just say so.. nothing turns a guy on more than the woman taking charge.. and if she's up for being blindfolded as well.. ouch ..

Lovehoney - Sam

Similarly, if you don't think sex appeal comes from one specific thing, then let me know that as well.

That's the one thing I've noticed about women I fancy and/or turn me on. Sex appeal, for me at least, isn't a body type, or a dress size, an age, hair or eye colour etc. For me, they just have it - whatever it is. Mysterious, alluring and hard to put my finger on.

I think a lot of it comes down to confidence. If a woman knows what she wants, what she likes, if she loves herself first and foremost, and also what her natural strengths are. Some are sultry and sexy in an overt way, while others can be more coy, cute, maybe even a bit ditzy, but in an endearing way.

Every woman is special and different and will have their own uniquness that will appeal to different people in different ways, I think.

If I were hard-pressed for a more tangible answer, I'd say open-mindedness and a desire for fun. A woman who is eager and willing to explore and try new things - and have fun doing so - is very sexy to me.

I'm in a long distance relationship. My partner is in another country so we don't have a lot of contact time but it's helped me realise what really turns me on. Two things, her scent and her mind. I have letters and gifts from her and they're sprayed with her perfume. Smelling her perfume instantly takes me back to the last time we were together and those memories turn me on. A lot of our frequent sex is online; texts and cam and its the way she knows what I would like next before I even know myself that amazes me every time. I hope I can make her feel as good as she makes me feel. We have a connection and i feel it immediately when we get together again. She's my one and only.

Well for me my turns on are wet and oily body during sex.

I also like kissing during sex is big turn on.

Also snow ball in the mouth is big turn on also.

I love sucking feet and other parts of the body.

Hope this helps.