Rabbit- advise please!!

I just got my first rabbit, its actually the first toy of any kind iv had, and im finding it difficult to get used to. I cant relax and enjoy it as i am distrcted by the noise and let's face it, the fact that its a pink bit of plastic! Any tips on really getting into it?? I hope you can help as i was so excied to get it and now feel a bit let down!

Maybe u be better with vibrator the Icescream is powerful multi speed and quiet it's very good.the pocket rocket good too and Tracy cox bullet I've tried rabbits didntthink they were that good but when i started to relax it felt better i liked the rotation the first one i got didn't work properly so put me off till tried another one must admit tho i prefer vibrators hope this helps


Not everyone likes rabbits. But there are some people on the forum, who said it took them some time to get used to them and get most of what they have to offer. Hopefully one of them would pop in and give you some advice.

But here is some from the LH blog


As for the pink colour, think that can be avoided by choosing a different colour rabbit, they are out of there.

You can try other toys, vibrators and dildos, although not all dildos are soft - I personally cannot stand soft dildos as I need something firm to rub against my G spot, so I go for ceramic/glass and not all women prefer dildos to vibrators. It is mainly about trial and finding what you like. Even a highly rated toy may not work for you. I think the main choice is internal - external and then take it from there in terms of vibrating, not vibrating, strenght of vibrations etc.

It may not be the wrong toy, it may be that you're in the wrong mood.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with preparing yourself for a hot night in alone.

So maybe have a bath, shave/wax, moisturise, put a bit of perfume on, dim the lights (can't see the bright pink now), put some sultry music on (drown out the noise too), stroke yourself all over before diving straight in with the toy.

If you took a new lover to bed & there was no foreplay (mental or physical) chances are you'd feel disappointed.

Whilst this is solo sex, it's still a new sexual experience & maybe you should prepare for it in the same way.

Give yourself some foreplay!


ccw is so right , I am thinking of getting a g spot vibrator, as i always use a dildo and love it so much I just feel like a change ,my dildo is easy to use and as CCW says softer and less noise. I am undecided which one to get so my post for some advise of my own LOL !! Let us know how you get on k107 ~ Juicy ~ xx