rabbit amnesty question

i filled in a rabbit amnesty pledge ages ago and still haven't sent the toys but just went on there to change the items that i was planning on sending and found no way of editing it.

i also hadn't realised that they won't take non vibrating dildos or other toys and i had filled out the thing thinking i could send in a dildo and some brand new unused ben wa balls- would lovehoney be able to find some use for those? as i don't want them and have no one to give them to


If they don't contain anything electrical then Lovehoney won't be able to accept it via the Rabbit Amnesty. You can look here for advice ont the blog- http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/2011/08/02/how-to-discreetly-dispose-of-your-dildo/

As for the brand new ben wa balla- try popping them on the Adoption thread.

On a similar topic....

A few weeks ago i packaged all my unwanted vibes up, filled in the rabbit amnesty pledge and sent the package off to Lh, expecting Oh points to be credited for them. A couple of days later i had an e-mail saying that a refund had been put back in my bank account. Instead of just giving me Oh points for giving the vibes up for amnesty, Lh had refunded me for the toys (not that i'm complaining, Lh always go above and beyond!)

On my rabbit amnesty page it still says 'we are still waiting for your previous items to be returned', and like you say, there's no way of changing it.

I suppose contacting customer service is the answer :o)

wow, lovehoney never ceases to amaze! was it discontinued items? or items that were still for sale?

some of both :o)