How does the cadet ranking system work?

It used to be based on number of posts I believe. However, when threads get very old and/or glitchy they get deleted which makes your number of posts go down but doesn’t change the ranking. That’s how I understood it anyway.

I might be wronge but I think I saw another post about this. I think it was basically something which was left over from lovehoneys old way of doing things. I don't believe it has any real meaning now. JoJo

A long while ago the forums were called “the orgasm army” and used the rank to show how active a user was based on how many posts and frequent logins etc. I don’t believe it works anymore so best to just ignore it for now ☺️

Don't think they have much value anymore I read somewhere but was based in posts etc

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Forum Rankings - What are they?

Before Lovehoney had an overhaul, we used to run a stand-alone forum site called the “Orgasm Army”. The ranking is all in proper military order and your ranking is worked out with a complicated formula based on the number of reviews you’ve written and how many posts you’ve posted.

Even though the “Orgasm Army” has long gone, feedback from members told us that they liked the ranking system, so we kept it! In reality, it doesn’t really mean anything anymore, but it’s a fun way to quickly see how active other members of the forum have been.

Pretty much what has been said already, but it's nice to get it straight from the source. 🙂