Ready to Explore, Connect, and Thrive!

Hey everyone!

I’m Kita, your go-to enthusiast for all things pleasure and exploration! Thrilled to be part of this vibrant community at 26.

Excited to dive into discussions and broaden my horizons with all of you. The abundance of advice and information here is simply fantastic!

Looking forward to soaking up insights and, undoubtedly, sharing my own experiences :sparkles:


Morning and welcome 🩷

Hey @PleasurePioneer :wave::wave:

Hi :wave: @PleasurePioneer
Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum @PleasurePioneer :blush:

Just to let you know, your profile photo might get removed because there’s a no nipple rule on the forum. I appreciate that it’s covered :+1:t2: but it’s also very prominent, so you might want to change it/pop an emoji over the nipple to avoid that happening :blush:

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Hi @PleasurePioneer and welcome to the forum

Greetings and Welcome @PleasurePioneer :sunglasses: :heart_eyes_cat:

Hello :wave:t2: and welcome.

@PleasurePioneer Hello and welcome. :wave:

I totally agree the forums are a fantastic friendly source for information, ideas, and reassurance.

Helloooo :+1::+1:

Hello and welcome

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Hi and welcome aboard :wave:

@PleasurePioneer. Hello and welcome to the forums .

Hello and welcome to the forum

Hi @PleasurePioneer :wave:
Welcome to the forum!

I’m afraid, as @MsSubExperimenter has said, your profile picture does break the no nipples forum rules so it will be removed on Monday.

I do however, love your pussy, especially the beautifully characterful moustache!

Welcome @PleasurePioneer hope you enjoy exploring the forum, looking forward to your posts :wink:


Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Hi @PleasurePioneer welcome :wave: