real air hostess uniform

Dear all,

Any idea where I could get hold of a real air hostess uniform. Everywher I look, I just find this cheapo ones. I was hoping for something a bit nicer, classier.

Or if not possible, anyone know a suggestion for an outfit that would approximate the look?

Your best bet would be to improvise . My wife's sister works for an ailine and TBH the uniforms arn't sexy at all . I think the new uniforms have been tamed down a lot probably to stop the women that wear them being treated as sex objects . Obviously there are some airlines that still use nice sexyuniforms such as Virgin Atlantic but the numbers are fewer, Shame but hey ho .

As for improvisation a smart coloured skirt suit would fit the bill teamed up with a white blouse and silk scarf . If a common size is required then finding one in a charity shop should be relativley easy and inexpensive.

It can be quite fun making love in such a confined space. We used our built in wardrobes to recreate a similar effect .Any house with a downstairs loo or ensuite facilities to the main bedroom will have similar room constraints. Just be careful with high heels though!

I spent ages looking for a real uniform about 18 months back and they just aren't available. Mainly due to the security issue as staff have to return old uniform and if they sell stuff they are liable to be sacked.

Also many aren't actually that sexy as mentioned above.

In the end we bought one of the darker blue play suits and took it to a local tailor who lined the skirt & jacket for about the same price of the original costume. He also replaced the skirt zip and fastner for something more robust!

This we teamed with a white blouse and a scarf that we found on the net. Finally I found a 'pill box' hat, like the old stewardess's used to wear, in a blue that matched the uniform.

It's so good that my OH has even worn it to fancy dress parties, much to the suggestive comments of the other guests :)

My cousin was an air hostess for Virgin airline. All uniforms where custom fit but when you left them they would take back the uniforms or fine you heavily for not doing so.
This was about 10 years ago now and other airlines probably follow similar rules.
I believe it is mainly to security issues but also the cost in custom making them too (esp for virgin).
My cousin was devastated when she returned hers back.

bloody terrorists! spoiling our lives even more!

I like the cloth substitutions. will report back if I find anything.

One more question, if you had to pick, which one. The virgin airlines are an obvious one. anyone for emirates?

Virgin Atlantic is probablly the sexiest uniform around at the moment withouut treating the women that wear them as sex objects.

Not sure if the terrorist thing is the reason why you don't see them but it could be one of the reasons or excuse . When I worked in a bank and got "demobbed" I had to hand my uniform back , although I kept a coule of the ties. The reason is that they don't want their uniforms seen being worn by people in third world countries in clothing hand outs as it will "tarnish their image" Bit naughty if you ask me .

Hi keep passing the clarins counter in our local boots and they wear a uniform very similar to Virgin might be easier to get hold of?

Virgin is very easy to 'fake' but i dont believe you would be able to get a genuine article like people have said due to terrorism etc... But you can get realistic ones that are not tacky if you visit a genuine fancy dress store

Their staff have to return their uniform on them leaving the company all to do as others said security ... the ones available in costume shops r pretty close