Real feel

My wife has always talked about the idea of a three some, but it’s just something that will remain a fantasy, I’ve been think of investing in a life like real feel sex toy for her that’s probably the closest she’ll come to the feeling and I don’t know wether to get one with a suction cup or not. Any advice would be great cheers

Good idea that works for the threesome fantasy for a lot of couples. One thing to note about toys with a suction cup, they give you the option for more positions and you can ride it/use it hands-free if you want or you can thrust with it manually. One without has limited possibilities. For this fantasy, I think it’s better to go for one with.

I’d check out Lovehoney’s Lifelike Lover range :-)

I love the suction cup range and did a review on a 10 inch one. Definitely gives a lot of options for range of positions and play x