Realistic sex dolls

Has any Male on here used one of them top end realistic sex dolls thinking of getting one but want to know if there worth the money ,and to be fair the quality of some of them look amazing

I’d be worried by the storage needed for a doll, flashlight a much more practical solution

I guess it depends - if you have the money to spare then why not?

But you do need to consider:

The space is will take up
The maintenance of such a large toy with various holes it must be cleaned and dried after each use
Storing correctly to keep it in good condition

Also, it’s a toy that you will physically have to put in the effort to reap the reward.
But if you think that’s something you will use a lot and get your moneys worth then go for it.

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There was a thread a while ago

Seemed to document the encounter quite well, including benefits for both a male and a female as part of a faux threesome.

The other thing to consider is that things like a fleshlight or other stroker is a lot easier to have discreetly stored than something like a sex doll.

There was another thread about this at the end of last year, I don’t think anyone had bought them but there were some useful replies

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I have quite a large toy and it’s a nightmare to clean to the point I very rarely use it. It’s a full arse and puss and I love it. Used a birthday code I had but I agree with the other they are the harder they are to clean.
I now only get it out for special occasions.
Here’s the link of what I have:

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That’s what put me off these kinda things.
They seem like a good idea, but in reality it’s quite different.
So how do you actually clean these things?

For me I put it in the shower and use the shower head to really get into all the holes. Nightmare to dry too as I normally have to leave it upside down to drain all the water out.


I have wondered about this too. Not that I am about to spend that sort of money but having used the higher end inflatable dolls i.e. those with realistic heads, I had thought about the silicon realistic dolls. One issue seems to be the sheer size and weight of them. Those for sale here are 45kg in weight and I have seen some that are even heavier! (Even the delivery instructions apparently are that the packaging needs to be handled by two people – something that in itself may be an issue if you don’t want anyone else to know about it!). Manoeuvring that weight about and cleaning it would be difficult and who knows how you would discreetly put it away somewhere so others wouldn’t see it? There is another issue I have with things like this: even the very best of things wear out eventually and have to be disposed of. Now I have quite a collection of fleshlights and other sleeves and the like, and of course the aforementioned inflatable dolls but as difficult as they will, I am sure, be to dispose of at the end of their useful life, I really can’t imagine how you would discreetly dispose of a 45kg life-size sex doll. What are people’s thoughts on this? Is 45kg too heavy and how do you discreetly dispose of toys like this at the end of their life?

I imagine it would raise a few questions if people saw it sticking out your wheelie bin one morning. :slightly_smiling_face: Even more if it were especially realistic.

And I suppose it could be quite easy to get attached to them as well, and you might feel a bit of a shit sneaking out at 1am and just chucking her in your neighbour’s bin. :thinking:

Do you think they come with special disposal instructions? Having a ‘pick up’ service would be really useful.

I always fantasy of have one of the full size arse and pussy toys. I saw a -competitor- one which looked interesting and one on LH.

Just wondered on views , worth it £150-300 and my other thought is would my wife feel offended :thinking:. As I wouldn’t want her to feel that way and it’s just different pleasure toy… if I could I would have one made to my wife’s appearance :heart_eyes:

For me it was 100% worth it. I actually used my 40% off birthday discount a few years ago to get one.
I must say it makes my wife super jealous but we’ve used it during too which is amazing.

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Well to cover up what it is maybe wrap it in black plastic and tape and carry it to the bin or boot of a car. If plastic isnt available then roll it in old carpet.
Could cut it into more manageable pieces and put them in bin bags.

Might have some explaining to do if the police show up though :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a torso one that ended up being a good buy. It’s a lot different from a flesh light because it’s a lot more life-like. It’s heavy (20lbs), more realistic to use then my fleshlight. Cleaning isn’t too bad, I just wash it in the shower and stand it upright to dry before storing it. I live alone so it’s not an issue about keeping ut hidden.

I’ve always wanted to get the full realistic “realdoll” after seeing a video about them back in he late 90s on HBO’s “real sex”
I’m currently looking for a house but once I do move I plan on buying one.

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I prefer a life-size sex doll to flashlight. If you are worried about the storage, maybe sex torso doll more suitable for you. These torso sex dolls are affordable, light weight and easy to carry and store. You can easily carry your favorite torso sex doll in your bed, sofa or car. Then you can enjoy sexual pleasure and get inner satisfaction.