Realistic Vagina for girthy guys

I'm thinking of buying my first realistic vagina-style masturbator but need some advice. I'm average length but thicker than average - nearly 6 inches in girth - so I'm concerned some of the ones available may be too tight.
Would love some advice, and to get some recommendations.
Thanks :-)

fleshlightes are pretty stretchy ...

A Fleshlight is going to be best for you, those are the longest in length so they will cater to the girth I would believe, the most popular one to consider would be this one which is also 9 inches internal length so quite long -

Otherwise I would consider the RoboSuk which is a lot more popular and not particularly realistic- however it should be able to fit girth wise as long as you fit the measurements, plus you can get additional more open entrances -

Good luck!


A cheaper alternative is partner is quite girthy and Monica suits him just fine xx

Thanks everyone for the tips :-) I think I might check out the Monica and see how I get on. I'll post a review hopefully.

Being about the same girth as you ive found the fleshlights to be excellent. Some other strokers have been downright painful! I havent tried the monica or any of the other LH realistic vaginas though so itll be interesting to hear how they work out.