really need as much ideas as possible!!

my partner is doing a shopping trip soon and has asked me to look out for things id be willing to do/use etc but i cant find anything else other than what ive told him.
so suggestions of different toys, positiong, bondage stuff in general and other stuff that doesnt have to be bondage related.
also stuff that not only turns him on but makes me feel sexy too as thats real important.
please help someone!!
emma x

i would go with him to see the diffent toy's that r out there not all toy will be for you. if he get's a toy that is way to big or to fast you might find it a turn of more than a turn on.. i stared small not to small then got bigger and bigger.. my hubby now knows what i can and can't do..more the hope this is some help to you..

My first suggestion was going to be bondage tape but you already reviewed it!

I think challisangela1 has a good suggestion there, go shopping together - it's great fun to go out or even netsurfing the sex toy places for new stuff together, always gets my hubby frisky!

Yes I totally agree with kitty about the net surfing ... my hubby and I do that all the time... it gets us hot every time and you get new toys you both are happy with..

hiya all,thanks for suggestions but we cant go shopping together as you cant take a 3yr old in the shops with us and litterally no-one to babysit at all.
we have a couple of toys already but we want to experiment with new things, thinks that take our fancy but i cant find any new ideas from any porn or even online shops

i still say you should go with him. by the look's of this only you know what it is you whant.

If you can't go out shopping together, just wait 'til the nipper is in bed, and have a look at a sex toy site on the web together.

I hope this man of yours is giving some input into the sex toys, I notice you always say "I can't find new ideas" but not "we" can't. Maybe you should order him to go out or online and pick something and if it's not good punish him ;-)

Oh and maybe the sex stories sites or books - they are far more inspirational that some cheesey video which tend to be pretty samey. Oooh and as something different have a look at glass dildo's - they can be heated up or put in the fridge ;-) Mine is very fun!

have a go at giveing him a blowjob with a hot and a cold drink.that blow's my hubby to cumdom. have the cold one first then the hot..just put a mouth full at a time. you can put icecube's in with the cold drink..????

How about clone a willy? You can make an exact replica of him and it comes with a mini vibrator that you insert while you're making it. Once you've finished you have a toy that even clones the veins that help to pump that blood into him to get him hard for you. Flattering or what? Text him or let him watch while you use it, let him know that its the best substitute you have for the times he can't be with you. As for you feeling sexy, great underwear that you feel good in. Strutt your stuff and enjoy being the woman that he wants, forget lumps and bumps, he wants you and he sounds like he's more than keen to please you.

kitty i dont mean it like that, whenever he's online hes looking for stuff for us aswell, we take it in turns, on the pc as the lil one always wants at least one of us for attention and atm he doesnt go bed until late when we're ready for bed too (cant get him into a rountine).
we have a list of toys to get but we dont wanna just buy then all we wanna pick the best of them and enjoy them fully.
i didnt know glass ones could be heated etc, we have it on our list, we add things each time we see something that takes our fancy.

quslt13 he is a man who wants to do stuff to please me as the title of our list is 'things i want to us on you or do to you' lol
we're just running out of ideas,
ok on our list so far we have.....
Handcuffs and ankle ones (leather)
bondage rope
a set of anal trainers
nipple an clit clamps
stroke 29 masturbation gel stuff
a variety of harnesses, cuffs and restraints
vibrating nipple clamps and a vib cock restraint type thing
spreader bar
spanking paddle thing
a rabbit
and a couple of outfits

but he wants to know if theres anything else, anything not on our list that could be fun?

I highly recommend a glass dildo or vibrator, they're amazing feeling -- and some of them are super pretty, which I really appreciate.

Ok emmabi23. You have lots on your list already. You are going to have some serious fun with that lot! Good luck

so ya think theres something for eveything on my list then?

hmmmm only one real answer here...LoveHoney!!! reviews lots of choice great prices (flutters saucy eyelashes at OA lol)

I notice the clone a willy kit idea - I highly recommend this! it's very errrr messy to make up but it's fantastic to have :-) I wrote a review of the one I got. And glass dildo's are also much fun and can be put in fridge or in hot water ;-)

Oh and I also recommend a flogger - I was given a lovely rubber bungee flogger - I also reviewed it.

I also find just browsing the reviews great as it doesn't just go hey yet another dildo - it shows just what's special about each ones - and then there's always the 'wierd sex toys' or 'sex machines' section of lovehoney - my partner and I love to have a browse and giggle at them!

one of my favourite things is bondage tape, i also love door jam cuffs there a lot of fun. a flogger or a whip can be a lot of fun i have one its used constently, ummm handcuffs (good ones that need a key) there amazing i love the feeling i get from being handcuffed. can't think of much else ...

Take a look at this site its way cheeper and supprise him loll

you really should both try dressing up in feeling ever and will make you horny as hell!more encased the better!

Also i'd try & see if your partner would try a prostate massager.they send mens orgasms to another level!