Really not sex talk ....just need some help

We're getting our son baptised in 3 weeks time..................iv got the huge tast of feeding those who come along, at the min were looking at numbers of around 80 people on my buffet menu iv got

Ham and peaspudding sarnies

Plain ham

Egg and mayo

Cheese and tom quich

Corned beef pie


Cheese and tom pizza's

Dipping sauce for pizza ((garlic and onion)

Small cocktail sausage rolls

pineapple,hotdog,cheese and pickle onion on cock tail sticks

is this what everyone would expect to see? I was thinking chicken drum sticks but then people are funny about chicken being cooked properly also some people dont like chicken on the bone!

Peanuts where a maybe as a friend has a bad peanut allergy

should i include bread sticks aswell.

thanx all

Children usually adore bread sticks

How about something like chicken satay skewers much easier to cook right through

vegetarian skewers of kworn mushroom tomatoes cheese pineapple grapesand peppers must be eaten hot though

Lickmedick vegi option sounds great as iv got 2 friends whom are and i having a panic on about it xx

If you want chicken Asda have goujoins included in their 3 packs for £10 meat deal. Easy to cook and can be eaten cold.

Maybe add another couple of dips with some raw vege sticks - carrots peppers cucumber are all good and add some tortilla chips as well.

With small kids bread sticks are a must :)

As a vegetarian I hate buffets organised by other people. Its a guessing game with pizza or quiche so maybe add little 'flags' on cocktail sticks letting people know what flavour things are.

I think you are very brave, catering for my eldest's christening was done by a catering company. My Excuse - I was slightly pregnant with her sister, arrived 1 week later!

Did do the second one by myself but not so many people as you are expecting

Good luck


Stick on a pasta salad (pasta twists and a jar of tomato sauce), some coleslaw and maybe a bowl of couscous.

Maybe some of those cheesy rolls (veggie sausage rolls) ?

Lastly, cupcakes.

Also, never cater for the full 80 guests. It's a buffet, not a meal. Cater for 60 people and you'll be fine. Nobody ever eats 'one of everything'... don't forget all the cutlery and plates and drinks. You can hire a tea-urn very cheaply these days.

Ms M Weve got mars bar cakes being homemade by sister in law and also christening cake for after's i did wander about adding more sweety things thou.

Chessy rolls sound good must add them to the shopping list and coleslaw!

Ghostgirl the vegi sticks sound a fab idea - thank you

Its the bloody RSVPs thats a problem too iv got a few to chase up due back date for these where the 4th april xx

Forgot to ask Rach, what time do you want us all there?

Shall i arrange a LH Minibus?

Is it Smart/Casual?


Don't forget the "ribs!"

Bacon ribs
Bbq ribs
Salt+pepper ribs!

Hot (as in temperature) Chicken curry, rice and chips :)
Samosas, sui mai, won ton? Salmon?

SG x