Recommeded Prostate Massagers

hi guys, received my new massager yesterday, this one

had to give it a spin last night, and god it felt nice and comfortable - but I couldn't quite hit the spot with it. main reason is it's just a little to short that I couldn't grip it properly.......esp with lube on fingers. it could do with being an inch maybe an inch & half longer.

so bearing that in mind are there any other massagers like that but a bit longer that guys could recommend?

want to order so got it for 49th next weekend........which should be a good weekend ;-)

I have this exact same problem as you. And yes It is also by Dr Joel Kaplan.

I brought the above.

A little too short. Battery cap falls off easily when in use. Gets a little annoying. From all of my purchases here on LoveHoney. LoveHoney house brand are often times fool proof and pretty high quality. I would recommend this.

It looks really promising as it is long and deep.

only thing with that is would it stay in when lubed up. might just wait a bit as working away over next few weeks and then invest in one of these which i've heard good things about

that tip looks like it could hit it..................