Recommendation for mens thong

After suggesting it and asking for a while and finally some persuasion my boyfriend has said he will try wearing a thong if I get him one. We have looked at some together but I’m not sure which to get, anyone got any recommendations for what they or their male partner wears, if they wear thongs?


Hey @sammy-jo

I have tried a number from the LH store. I wear them to bed rather than for normal daily underwear, but could do that too I guess.

Links are to the products in the Australian LH site, but I’m guessing the UK site would be your preference, I’m sure they’ll be there as well.

The first one I got was the Male Power Satin Thong :

Really nice fit, and really well made - they last well. The only drawback I found was that the material that goes between my butt cheeks is quite firm / thick which tends to irritate if worn too long.

This one is my favourite :

They fit really well, and are softer than the Male Power ones mentioned above. Still well made and are lasting nicely. They are part of the LHM range which has a special ‘3 for 2 Underwear for Men’ deal which makes them great value.

I bought a pair of these as well :

They felt absolutely amazing on first wear. The fit was incredible and the material is so soft and light. Sadly though, within 3-4 wears they lost their shape and became baggy and offered no support at all. After initially in raptures about them, ended up very disappointed.

I wear the following thongs. They are super sexy and, most important of all as a male, so comfortable.

LHM Red Lace Thong

LHM All Over Lace Thong

It sounds as though your boyfriend is a little hesitant about wearing a thong.
With that in mind, a lace thong might be too risqué for him.

Perhaps you might consider a thong in the LHM Range such as the satin ones, or the striped mesh.

I bought the LH Red Lace thongs for my husband a few months ago, he finds them really comfortable and forgets that hes wearing them.

The jockmail ice silk thong is the most comfortable and supporting thong I have ever tried. You need to go up a size or 2 though. I would recommend buying 2 in different sizes (one and 2 sizes larger).
If you manage to get a soft comfortable thong with plenty of support you boyfriend will be instantly hooked on thongs. I would stay away from mesh for now as the material can be scratchy.
Don’t buy a cheap thong as the material will not be comfortable. Also, stay away from skimpy strings as they can dig in and offer little support. Find one that has a wide waistband and full coverage in the front. The cup size is important too, most thongs the cup size is a little small, and it can feel restricted. That is why I recommend a larger size than normal. But if you go too big the thong will not have enough support. Get the size perfect and it feels like your genitals are being gently cupped. A good soft thong will not feel like it is digging in between your cheeks, and soon he will barely be able to feel it.
It sounds like your boyfriend is not keen to wear one. If his first thong is not comfortable he will probably never try one again. You only have one chance at this, make it count.

My husband has been a thong wearer for years and he hardly wears anything else now, including for work. I would think that if your boyfriend tries them he will probably like them. After trying various brands my hubby has 2 styles he prefers which are some larger coverage Armani thongs and some smaller coverage ones HOM that are more like a g-string but he says these are the most comfortable.

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I’ve been wearing thongs for close to 20 years and tried all different styles. My absolute favourite are ones by Doreanse, I feel they give me the best support and feel great. On the face of it they are more like g-strings with a string waist but then a full thong cut at the back. I also like the similar ones by HOM. Other than that, some of the LH ones are great as well.

Try brands like Calvin Klein, MeUndies and Intimissi

There is a butler thong from LH. Nice fit, good material and makes for a good laugh :joy:

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Anything with a bulge pouch for support

My boyfriend recently tried some new ones from a brand named Garcon. He has some bright yellow ones that look very nice.

I wear them all time now even to work much better than boxers I use other web sites buy mine shop a round :+1:

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Look up any from here but also try Kiniki

Yes you can wear all day unless they are too small then you dont notice them and i tend to wear G strings with a thin piece of elastic up the back thongs might be a better starting point ?


Try kiniki they are a hand made British company in the midlands go for your normal size been arond for years

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No word of a lie, I find them very comfy and most of the time you can’t even feel it. 100% recommend making the switch