Recommendations Needed - Plus Size Thongs

Hi, Long time lingerer, first time poster.

As title suggests looking for recommendations for thongs for a plus size girl.

My partner is in her mid-30’s and about a size 22ish (all her clothes have different sizes ranging from 20-24) and about 5’4".

Her old thongs have all got to small for her and she just goes for comfort these days, leaving nothing sexy for when the temperature rises in the bedroom.

Looking for suggestions of thongs to fit my partner that will make her feel sexy and being a turn on for me as well.


Hello and Welcome to the forum

Hellooooo, well look at the size of the tight ones and go the next size up :wink: loads of nice undies available

Happy first post dude!
All I can think of is to give the LH site a browse to see if there’s anything on there in her size what she may like :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome :blush: @5h4993R I’m plus size, generally about 18 to 22, when I started I just got a couple, the ones slightly bigger are more comfortable but the smaller ones do give me a nice sensation. I’m not fond of crochless ones, they slide around too much. Like I said I’d just buy a couple of different ones to get the discussion going and shop around from there.

I’m not sure where you are shopping, by that I mean country but I prefer feeling rather than guessing. From there I go to Amazon and gotten some really nice ones. I like la vie en rose, surprisingly joe fresh has some really nice stuff.

I don’t wear plus size lingerie anymore but I do have a large bum and have this high waisted thong in size 16 -18:

It’s comfortable, shows off my curvy bum and covers the bits I don’t like so much! The suspender straps are removable so they can be worn as normal underwear too. Depending on your wife’s shape and style preferences, I think this is great for anyone with curves.

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competitor is always a good shout, most of their stuff comes in plus sizes,