Recommended Lovehoney products for guys? Used by or on them from a partner

I’m new to all of this kind of stuff and toys.

I was wondering if anyone had any products that they would recommend for guys to use? I’m quite open to anything really.
Linking Lovehoney products would be handy.
If you can use [ product name ] ( product link ) without spaces for correct formatting to do something like:

The toys can be used by a guy or on them by their partner.

I’ve been wanting to try a bunch of things lately, I’ve been loving some products by Lovense and Satisfyer.

Thank you!

The Quickshot you have already linked is a very good stroker.

You can also get wand attachments for men.

Hummer Lovehoney Hummer Deluxe Male Masturbator Wand Attachment - Lovehoney UK

Teaser Doc Johnson Head Teaser Male Masturbator Wand Attachment - Lovehoney UK


My favourite toy to use with my partner is from Hot Octopuss We have the now discontinued Pulse Duo Lux but the Pulse Duo 3 does a very similar thing.

I’m also a big fan of Fun Factory and if you are looking to try out a few things this kit would be a good option.


I have the Hot Octopus too. Its very intense but, for me, I find it very numbing. If I don’t come in the first few minutes then I’m not going to come at all.

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I can vouch for these 2 attachments , they are amazing if you already have a wand that has the right size head for them.

I use mine almost every time and I even have spare of both of them in case I can’t get hold of them again

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I have the Fun Factory kit too with the only review so far :slight_smile: . I struggled to keep the feedback within the word limit there is so much in there and it is on a good discount at the moment. The Manta is good for couple play as it has a nice big handle and looks pretty, although for some, slightly larger ‘wings’ may have been better.

If like @Candace1 you’re into femdom something like this sounder is absolutely amazing. Great for your guy to use alone too.

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I don’t have tonnes of experience with toys solely for people with penis’, however, I’ve found this Headmaster Half Stroker is fab and super cheap so possibly a good one to try out. It can be used as an aid during a hand job (either solo or partner play), or combined with giving oral :+1:t2:

Another vote for the hummer wand attachment. I got it on sale just to try it out and my partner loves it.


This is an awesome Fleshlight - Fleshlight Flight Commander Male Masturbator - Lovehoney UK - always my go-to toy when I’m solo

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@rockstar Have you tried dampening the vibes at all?

My friend’s partner has one as he has ED issues and needed a toy that he didn’t have to be hard for. They found that placing an unrolled condom between him and the Pulse tamed the vibes enough for him to enjoy them.

Not tried that. To be honest it doesn’t bother me. I’m happy enough being able to enjoy the pulsing and edging without coming then, when I’m ready, I can come using a different method.