Regular water based lube and anal?

I'm running low on on anal lube and not going to be ordering any more for another week or so. Now i have some water based lube that's not anal specific and wondering if that's ok to use with anal before I go ahead and use when my anal lube does run out?


Waterbased lube is fine to use it's what i use on my anal toys they're only up to 4" girth max you'll just have to lube up more often more so if it's a thin watery lube

Cheers myghost, the anal specific stuff I have is thick but the stuff i will use when i run out of anal lube is thinner so definitely use more of it.

I use super slik which is water based for all my anal play.

I've never encountered any major problems when using 'generic' water-based lube. In fact, I tend to use it more often than 'anal' specific lube.

To my mind, anal lubes are just slightly thicker versions of the regular stuff. You can get ones with a numbing agent in them for anal play but I avoid these. I can't see any problems in you using regular lube.

Cheers guys, finished my LH anal lube still got a small amount of other stuff to use.

The regular lube I have is Super Silk so should ok to use that if needed. although that's down to 1/4 left so definitely need to get some more from LH. along with my favourite anal specific lube which is Maximus