Remote Control CockRing


Hopefully somebody can assist with this please

We bought the LH remote control cock ring last week, and for the life of me I can’t get it to switch on. I’m assuming it’s not faulty, and I’ve read about the travel lock but can’t find away to power it on (after charging)



Hey! :slight_smile: Does the toy vibrate once when you double-press the power button on the Ring itself?

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No, nothing at all I’m afraid

Remote control powers on but the ring itself nothing

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Hmm, that doesn’t sound right! I would drop our Customer Care team a message :slight_smile:


I have the same toy … and I thought there was something wrong with it.

Nope … I was just doing it wrong.

Lots of toys require you to hold the power button down for a few seconds, and it’ll vibrate right, letting you know it’s paired with the remote etc.

The LH doesn’t do that. The button just needs about a 2-sec press/hold, and the white light around the button will light up. I was holding the button, covering the whole thing, so I couldn’t see the light, so I’d hold too long.

Oh … and check the remote battery … it’s in there, but it has a ‘blocker’. You need to take the battery out, remove the paper/plastic from it, and put it back in.

Hope that sorts it!!

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Thanks for that, but tried all that

Looks like packaging been binned :roll_eyes: so will put this down to experience!

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@BLGS2010 Reach out to our Customer Care team, all purchases are covered by our 1-year product guarantee, even if you don’t have the packaging anymore! :slight_smile:


Spoke to customer care and they are sorting

Great service!


Received replacement today. Light comes on and is working

Now to try to get use of it……

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