Remote Control egg turns off?

Hi all; I have the Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg and I was wondering if anyone else has any advice…

I gave the remote to my partner but even though he was close enough, it seemed to have turned itself off. I took it out, turned it back on and it worked, but then 20 mins later, he pressed the remote and it didn’t work again.

Surely it shouldn’t go into some sort of standby mode, should it? It’s a bit of a passion killer, keep having to whip it out and put it back in again :see_no_evil::joy:

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If you contact customer services, they’d be in the best position to advise you.

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Tried a few different remote toys. All been garbage.

Yet to try any app controlled toys to see if they are any better.

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We’ve had the same problems with every remote toy we’ve had no matter what the brand.

We don’t buy them any more.

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We’ve found that app controlled ones are soooo much more reliable, we wouldn’t buy remote control ones again because of them losing connection or turning off etc lovesense lush is one of the best

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Some toys you have to sync the remote to it each time before play, have you checked the instructions to see if that could be the case?

They do your right but that’s a royal pain in the arse (pun intended) when all you want to do is play :joy::joy:

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This doesn’t. But I’m not talking about seperate incidents - I’m talking if the button isn’t pressed within about 5-10 mins… it’s not always convenient!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Generally with remote controlled ones (as opposed to app controlled), if you turn the toy off, the remote will disconnect and you won’t be able to turn the toy on with the remote. It’s never made particularly clear in the marketing, but they aren’t really designed to be turned on and off, they are more designed to be left on a low setting and increased and decreased.

Oh dear Lordy very frustrating it must be :sweat_smile: