Remote control eggs

I'm hoping to persuade my OH to try a remote egg. She's still a bit unsure though so anyone got any suggestions for a suitable product for a beginner.
It'll need to be fairly quiet and not to intense, also it'll need to look nice and non-threatening.
It'll be primarily used at home but I'm hoping as her confidence and (I hope) enjoyment will lead to her agreeing to use it elsewhere.
Would appreciate your input guys and girls.

I have a Blush one which I really like, it's not loud or too powerful either and theres plenty of modes to choose from, The remote is black with white flowers on too which is so pretty and doesn't really catch attention as it's not a bright colour.
If you look here theres is a big range of different ones to choose from all of them have reviews which you can read and some will have videos showing the egg in use.

This is they one we have and love

This is they one we have and love

Hello Mozzalini,

My husband just bought me the as it was my first time as well. It's a great quiet egg to start with, inexpensive as well. It's not too powerful on the lowest setting either.

Thanks for the tips so far. Blondvixen13, I've looked at that one and it's a definate possibility.
I really think the remote control function is the key, as Mrs Moz still prefers me to have control (not in a sub way, just still a bit shy about taking any control).

This is something i want to buy/try too so i appreciate you asking the question and everyone who has suggested different eggs :D

I've got the Lelo Lyla 2 but as yet haven't played with it so can't pass on a full recommendation but just when I've had a quick play in my hands it seems impressive.

Looked at the Lelo (already own a Liv vibe) but it's a bit too pricey if she isn't really in to it. Certainly the most attractive one on LH. Maybe she'll let me get that one if she enjoys a cheaper model first.

Well Blondvixen, I've ordered it, the one you suggested. Unfortunately we won't be able to try it for over a week as herself is going away with her mum (don't think she'd want to try it then!). Here's hoping we get the chance to enjoy it as soon as she gets back. Thanks for the advice everyone.

ive bought this one and it should be arriving today - cant wait to try it out :-)

Me and my oh tried a remote vibrating love egg as part of the 3 for £50 offer.

But unfortunately it didnt really do alot for her.
She said it just felt like it was there but not really doing alot.
Since then we purchased a we vibe 3 and this works much better as it provides clitoral stimulation aswell as internal.
It is a little pricey but is great to use during sex too!

I bought this one for my OH, and took it away last weekend to enjo on a night out. Unfortunately, I'd left it in my little overnight bag with the remote, which turned it on all the way on a 7 hour journey. We only realised when we heard it buzzing at the hotel check-in, and it had run out batteries before we got to use it!

I've just got the new batteries so I'm hoping it will be trialed this weekend...

Hope you enjoy it. We have taken it to the supermarket a few times which was fun but I found it more effective when sitting down rather than walking. Definitely fun for when you go out to a bar or to a restaurant. Have fun x

After going through all of the remote control eggs, I liked this one (by the reviews and the description):

However, it is a bit on the pricey range. Not that I have not spent that much on LH at once, but I am not sure I would spend them for one toy only. Still, I have added it to my wishlist, if I change my mind later. :) But I have already other plans for my next purchase, so this would need to wait, anyway. But the idea sounds really fascinating to me :)