Returned two separate orders in the same box, only refunded for one, the other missing?

I returned two separate orders in the same parcel (had asked support prior to doing so, was told that it's fine), each order consisted of one item, so there were two items in the package, with their respective returns forms. Only received a refund for one of them, no mention of the other.

So I sent two emails to, with the proof of postage which shows the total weight of the package, neither email received a reply. Surely my return would be very simple to verify - put the same two items in a LH shipping box with two pieces of paper, and weigh them. When I'd asked live chat for an update earlier, this was what was said:


this is not showing as being returned to us, I have read the notes and this is still pending investigation

1:31 pmwe will update you as soon as we know any more

Annemarie has closed the chat.

And my chat was closed. Has anyone else encountered the same problem?

Hi mintfairy

This does seem a little strange, though sometimes different products need to be processed in different ways. For example, Lovehoney branded items are processed a little differently to brands like Lelo and We-Vibe. It won't have anything to do with the fact you returned 2 orders in one box - we have lots of customers do this to save on postage :)

I've had a look at the notes on your orders and can see the conversations you've had with Customer Care and that it is in investigation. Annemarie has said she will contact you as soon as she has more information, but I will see if there's anything else I can find out for you now.

I can confirm that the item has been returned to us and is in with our Returns Department as we speak. 

Stay tuned..... :)

Your refund has now been processed and you should see it immediately :) 

Sorry for the delay on this one! 

Brilliant work. Above and beyond. I'm impressed.

*round of applause*

Just got the email, thank you so much! ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif) Was worried that one of them might have been lost in the process, phew!

Glad it's sorted mintfairy, it's worth noting too that I think the live chat does time out after a while so it wasn't a case that no one wanted to speak to you or was avoiding you.

I had really good customer service from LH today.

Great work as always lovehoney!