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Hi all,

I just have a quick question about Lovehoney's return policy, as I can't believe its quite as good as it sounds. I bought a fleshlight a couple of weeks ago and having tried it I've decided that it really isn't all it was made out to be, and definetly not worth the money. Can I seriously return this - used (clean becasue eww with that through postage) - for a full refund, even with postage paid for me? I feel like I must be missing something...


Captain hammer

Yeap. They are that good. LH might not always be the cheapest, tho I find them pretty competitive, but the returns policy is amazing

Usedworkshoes wrote:

Yeap. They are that good. LH might not always be the cheapest, tho I find them pretty competitive, but the returns policy is amazing

Have to agree. I returned an item that wasn't suitable for me. LH sent the alternative item I requested and refunded me the difference between the two items - no hassle, no fuss, just first class service.

Yes, it is definitely too good to be true, but it really is!!! :)

The returns policy is the only thing in life that isn't too good to be true. It is just amazing ![](upload://4WyQT1gwKaQJNwhYxrKZ1rOPglF.gif) best policy of ANY company in ANY industry I have ever come across

Yes that is completely correct :)

I've never returned anything I've used, but yes you can do. Hope you find something more suitable x

Yes it's that good! I returned an item last week as it just wasn't what I expected and they swapped it for something of my choice no questions asked. I posted it back Monday and recieved my replacement on the Friday! Lovehoney are the best.

I've not returned anything yet (though I should as CS have told me they'll happily exchange my item - I keep hoping the issue will go away. I'm good like that :-D I should re-name myself Ostrich!), but having CS like Lovehoney's keeps me coming back for more. I'm a bit old-school, had my own shop and used to pride myself on my CS. There are so many places to spend your hard-earned these days that CS is the one thing that sets a company apart.

I haven't even looked at another site since joining LH as I know they can't live up to LH's CS. And even if an item is a bit more expensive, the amount of offers and discounts LH offer more than make up for it.

If you think the CS is too good to be true, watch the series. A real eye-opener.

Please don't ever change, LH. We love you just the way you are ![](upload://4WyQT1gwKaQJNwhYxrKZ1rOPglF.gif)

Another vote for the amazing returns policy, it's amazing and it rather pay a bit extra and know i can return it if I'm not happy 💖xx

Yep. It's as good as they say & there are no questioned asked. They will refund you in full! ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

I didn't want to start a whole other thread for a question also on the returns policy so hope you don't mind me posting it here...

How can I get a return label? I can't print as I don't have a printer, work have one half broken laptop that only managers use and the library not only monitor everything we are on if they think it's inappropriate they can take over control of the computer and if it's bad enough against the rules you get kicked out.

It's not something my library just say about taking over the computer I've been on it before on a game (games weren't allowed st the time because of a queue) and I couldn't control the mouse instead I took my hand off thinking it wS frozen and the mouse moved, clicked log off and I was done thought maybe I ran out of time (even though timer had 15 mins left thought there was a mistake) and the librarian was like no that was me, you're not allowed on games

Should point out I was like 11 at the time but others have had it happen to them as well

I haven't had to print off a label myself (have around 10 of the sticky ones from old purchases still lying around), but could you not email yourself the document with the label on (I presume it's some sort of document that you click on to print?) and then print in the library from your email, then you wouldn't have to actually access Lovehoney.

Or you could ask a friend to print it? Just email them the document to print?

Or maybe Lovehoney can actually send you one if you special request?

Oh thank you I may actually search through my boxes I may have some and not even realise haha

Might be different for you in the UK, but printing an EU returns label is making it through DHL website so to an outsider would seem harmless enough. And in the end you have the option of sending it via email to yourself in .pdf format. I suspect in the UK you would go through Royal Mail's website, so still pretty innocent looking what you're doing. But just guessing here... :)