Review of the Month October -- Nominations please!

Hi there,
Dear all horrified to read you thought l made it up, but the review l did for Fat Man in a Barrel was indeed a real review. Would love to do a live show for some of you disbelievers sometime. My review of the prize items will be a tad delayed as l ordered up lubes and a glass anal dildo for my partner who says she loves it. I am currently easing my way down onto my Three Bangs, if l don't pass out you will be hearing from me soon at my current rate of progress. I didn't write the review for the prize, but it was a welcome suprise as the only thing l won apart from that and the office sweepstakes was a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.....Bang !!!!! paperback book that Ambrosia Creamed Rice were dishing out in the 60 or 70s can't quite remember. Drop me a line by all means folks, would love to share momentous moments from the past, especially now the winter deluge seems to have set in.
I come from the era of sporting schools, rowing, weight lifting, running.... still got the tight buns, tree trunk thighs and abs etc etc etc. I never saw too much wrong with competition, but yep it might lead to a sense of rivalry and tempt downloads from the web as personal experience. Hope not, but each to their own l suppose.
Keep up the good work all out there, and look forward to reading your reviews, stories etc!!!! Phil XXX