Review of the Month October -- Nominations please!

Dear Sex Chimp,

Mine's a pint of Stowford and a packet of salt and vinegar, cheers!

Actually I for one was being slightly light hearted when I mentioned the conflict of interests. I'll go and peruse the reviews for a nomination. I hear rumours there's a good one for inflatable dildos. hehe.

I also agree with you in thinking the review of the month is a good idea - it helps encourage folks to write reviews surely! Where it has come unstuck is the lack of nominations, and I have a suggestion for that!

(drum roll)

Any nomination received gets put in a draw. Nominations can come from staff or members of the forum. Reviews not nominated are not entered into the draw. A winner is picked at random.

Whatdya think?

ps - to any doubters I can tell you, the reviews here are genuine, not fakes (I have no connection with the company) and from personal experience they DO send out free samples. So there. No other adult toy sellers that I know of take such good care of their customers!