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So i got an email from Customer Care asking "How did we do?"

I tried submitting my Review but i got "Whoops... Something went wrong..."

Ill try Submitting it again, but i thought why not post my Review Here, Maybe others can aswell so the People at Love honey can read and see how good they are doing...

I hope you like...

"The "Go to" Place for Sex Toys

When ever it Comes to things for Adults, there isnt much trust in where to go and the reason being its easy to scam people who are looking for something to spice up their life and so people tend to think twice before trusting sites or anything.
But with LoveHoney, The first time I saw it was on the TV, the advert is very simple but feels friendly, and so I thought I would check it out as I personally wouldn't feel comfortable walking into a sex shop.
So I visited the LoverHoney website and its a nice, Bright easy to navigate website which is how we all want a website we are first visiting.
Well I ordered something within a few days of seeing the advert and was really nervous about what the expect, I originally thought "Im going to get some stupid box with details all over it and when i open it the items are poorly placed and im just going to throw it away and waste my money" that was genuine my thought.
But when the Post came, I was handed a plain brown box in which I didn't have a clue was which is a good thing, if I don't know what is in it, how will anyone else?!
So that was the first step in the right direction.
Then when I opened the box, All I saw was Paper, which is just to keep things from moving around when in transit.
Below the paper was my purchases, securely wrapped, brand new and ready for use.
Since that day i have made multiple purchases and even been asked to test a few things which was a great Bonus.
So to sum up LoveHoney - Great Company, Great Service, Great Products and is 100% the Go To place for Sex Toys and other Sexual Items."
So there we go, My review. Feel free to post your own review and what your opinion is on lovehoney.

Hi TheGoldenBalls

Thank you for the fantastic feedback ! I will post this over to customer care to see also :) It is always nice to hear and see such lovely comments. 

It may be worth clearing cookies before trying again. If it is still not working let us know as we may have to run over a few things with you, it could be a job for IT !

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Hi TheGoldenBalls,

I think this is a great idea for a thread. I could stay here and praise Lovehoney for ever and ever, but i think the huge amount of orders and money spent with them, and the recommendations done to friends speak loudly enough on my behalf. Truly unparalleled company, and not just even in the sex toy retailing business! You'll find most people (especially on the forum) will agree. But I still think is nice for a thread to be where anyone can post what they think of LH openly.
Beside what you already mentioned about the user friendly and not punch in the eye website that makes you feel at ease when browsing, instead of feeling on a porn site, the careful and discreet packaging and shipping, I love love love the unbelievably generous return policy (I'm still amazed whenever I think about this) and the exceptionally fast and point-on customer care! I wouldn't still be here without these too!