Just wondered if anyone knew how you could check on the reviews you have written?

Not sure if I have enough to be a tester? :thinking:


I’m not sure how many you need but I believe there was a issue with seeing all your review together. It may be worth dropping @Lovehoney_Brenna a message asking her she is the moderator, If not I am sure other long standing members will be able to advise. Hi and welcome to the forum and I hope you get the information soon.

Unfortunately there isn’t a place anymore where all your reviews are. If you want to know how many reviews you have written you will have to go back on each product to count each one. You need roughly 7-10 well written reviews to be considered.

I personally store all my reviews on my phone so I can see how many I’ve written. I also find it easier to copy and paste from my phone on to the product page.

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There is no set number in order to qualify as a tester. It also depends on the quality of the reviews too

I started getting chosen after I’d written 12 - 15 reviews on products that I’d bought.

Thanks everyone! As I have been a member for far too long I think this may take a while :rofl:

@LittleLoveBug I’m glad some have offered advice re number etc. Blonde bunny did a post on writing reviews some years ago that was very informative, it may be worth doing a search. She does not appear to be posting these days though.

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