Rhyming Rounds

If no one wants to play this that’s ok, i just thought it could be an interesting game idea (based on thoughts i keep having while playing change a letter).

Basically for this game, you just have to post a word that rhymes with the previous set. Try for a minimum of at least 5 per rhyming scheme (ie 4 posts that rhyme with the original) before switching to a new word. The new word could really be anything but it’d be good if it was vaguely related to the previous. Edit: please make it 1 word not a phrase or pair of words though hyphenated is ok. Also rough rhymes are fine, as long as the sounds can kinda rhyme with some pronunciations



Let it snow

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Make me go oooh

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Hang on woahhhhh

I need a poo :poop:

Sticky like goo

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He bolted he flew

Cos he needed the loo

Touching cloth with poo :rofl:

Trip to the zoo

Please go through

Please do

I’d like to

Something new?

Yes what shall we do?

Are you all planning a coup

That’s a terrible thing to do

Kiss a Gnu

I’d rather it was you.

This is very odd to view