Riding crops

Hey guys -

I've been looking through the entire website just to avoid doing work (again) and got looking at the various riding crops that are on offer. Personally, they don't hold much of an appeal but I was comparing them against crops that are actually designed for riding. As an equestrian, I've bought and used a lot of crops over the years, and wondered if any other riders (excuse the pun!) thought there was really any difference between sex-designed and horse-designed crops? I think the prices look a lot when compared to ones I've bought and I can't really see that much of a difference, at least from the pictures.

Just curious!

The only real difference is the handle. The actual crop is basically the same, although some Jockey Club approved crops are better quality and not as flexible. The handle however is designed in mind to keep a firm grip when riding and can have several different types of wraps to maintain a good grip, whereas the ones on Lovehoney aren't designed with this in mind and obviously don't need as much padding and wrapping and don't come with much grip on the handles. Don't get me wrong, the grip is adequate for using in the bedroom, just not for riding. I have never used a horse crop in the bedroom, and always buy my crops from lovehoney.

However, I don't use crops (on horses), I just dont believe that it's necessary when there's different methods of correcting posture and movement. Plus, once a crop has been on your butt you really don't look at one the same way again! Ha!!

Fair enough! I've been riding since I was tiny, so have been chased round the yard by other pony club-ers and such, so I always make that association rather than spanking, so that's probably why I just don't see them as sexual. Horse-wise, I'd rather give a quick smack than spend ages nagging - my boy is horrendously lazy!

I don't personally use a crop, I tend to stick to long schooling whips but they are good for backing up the leg in the event of an incident etc.

Certainly would never use a crop to correct posture!

They are also good to get cars to give a wider birth if riding on the road.

With regards to the difference I have often wondered this. When you mention the handles I have riding whips (and crops) that don't have any padding on the handle, and ones which have lots.

I wondered was if the handle was slightly bigger in the sex toy ones maybe? I don't think I could buy one from a tack shop for bedroom use though, that would just be....odd.

I mostly use a schooling whip, short for jumping obviously.

As regards where you buy them from, as a student I was literally just thinking of the price - if I was into crops in the bedroom, there are plenty at my local tack store that have the similar square-ish flat end for less money. Of course, there are quite often more novelty shapes but they come in some fairly garish colours. Each to their own, I guess!

I have to admit, I always buy proper riding crops for my kinky needs, I have found that they're made a lot better, they're more sturdy, and last a lot longer than those designed for humans.

I don't own any bedroom crops, but I've owned plenty of real riding crops over the years and honestly from what I've seen of the bedroom ones they feel like a cheaper, more flimsy version of a real crop, if that makes sense? You sure couldn't get as bad a sting out of them as a real crop as they are just not hitty enough (another ex Pony-clubber here, those girls were vicious with a crop!).

I wish I hadn't lost my favourite crop, it was a beautiful plaited brown leather beauty that would have looked amazing for the bedroom. But lost it at a show years ago :( the rest live in the attic as I haven't needed them for years, my last horse freaked out something serious if I carried a crop so I stopped using them. If they weren't so battered from riding school use I'd dig them out, but don't think they would appeal to the OH lol

I've bought mine from carboots, realy nice quality crops. With diferent leather tips and nice leather bound handles.

I've also got a longer whip about 40" long with a small whippy bit on the end. (you girls will know what they are called) That only needs a little wrist action to have the desired effect.

Question. I have a horse tail flogger that I use a shampoo and conditioner on, Should I use one from an equestrian supplier?

I find a conditioner works quite well and stops any tangling and stops it absorbing perspiration.

We use 'real' crops I think it adds an extra kink?, I have found no real pdifference in comparison to those designed for my needs naughty or horsey!