right need your help!!!

me and my boyfriend (and son) are going away on the 7th april on holiday not abroud its one of them sun holls things goint o cornwall, we staying in a caravan so note the thin walls any ideas of what i can take for when little mans tucked up in bed after a night out that we can use for fun and games? i want to supprise him with some new things want something sexy/romantic/fun any ideas???

I think this would be good fun http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/orgasmarmy/sexy-gifts/monogamy-a-hot-affair-game/reviews.aspx
and from the sounds of it, any cards etc that aren't possible to do at the time can be saved as a sexy wee treat once you're home. The reviews for it sound great!

that does sound great might have to get that one ne other ideas as well want as many diff things as poss if we dont get round to using them all we can carry it on at home we are on holls for a week just so you know time span!
@sweeter thank you for that 1 looks great relli good reviews on it 2!

try one of the glass toys they can be very stimulating & LH sell some brilliant ones. Or try taking PVC sheet with you and have some slippery fun with some flavoured oil.

just purchased a glass dildo it it arrived today and has been put to good use already! geting OH in on the action tonight! will deff b taking it with me, pvc sheet sounds like a fab idea and we wont ruin our sheets eather (always take our own) thank you hairybiker!
keep throwing them ideas at me i want as many as poss we r gunna have more fun than sleep on holls i think!