RIP Purple Vibe

So having remembered to purchase some size C batteries for my purple vibrator (not from LH) I found out that it had passed over, died, gave up the ghost, kicked the bucket. I feel it was heart broken as I have been enjoying another toy (one I did get from LH) Oh well of to Rabbit amnesty it goes

Darn frustrating thugh. Oh how am I going to cope with choosing another bran spankign new toy from LH! lol


Aw, RIP Purple Vibe.

I hope picking something new and shiny will ease your sorrows ;)


Will need to wait a few days, as I am SKINT lol

Lol, I know that feeling. Still I browse and add to my wish list though just to torture myself with the tempting goodies :)

RIP purple vibe! At least it'll have a new lease of life after getting recycled :)


A heaven for vibrators....

SensualFire wrote:


A heaven for vibrators....

That's the heaven I want to go to!

lol subdom