Rocks Off "Bad Boy" vs Fun Factory "Duke"

I bought a Rocks Off Bad Boy a few months ago, and unfortunately I fall into that category of people for whom it doesn't fit completely, and generally doesn't do anything for, so it's currently just a £40 oddly shaped piece of plastic gathering dust in a drawer.

I'm not ready to give up on the idea of prostate massage entirely though, so when I saw the Fun Factory's Duke I became intrigued, as the shape seems much more ergonomic and likely to fit comfortably inside.

After my failure with the Bad Boy I find myself a little hesitant to splash out £50 on something else that might not work, so really I'm wondering if there is anyone around who has had firsthand experience using both, and could offer some comparative insight on the matter.



if you bought it here you can return it within one year if you dont like it. I did that with few things as me and the toys did not agree.

As for the toys I guess it is similar to G spot for women in terms, one toy does not work for all. So you may try it, maybe look at dimensions and shape if you know why the Rocks Off Bad Boy failed you.

That sounds like a really great returns policy, but unfortunately I purchased it elsewhere, so I don't think they'd appreciate me trying to send it to them and asking to swap it for something else, haha (though can you imagine how popular they'd be if they did?)

I left quite a detailed review on the product page here though, accounting my issues with the item. Reading some of the comments left by other reviewers I was reassured that I wasn't the only one who experienced those difficulties, it's just a shame I hadn't read about that before I bought it.

Well. knowing the policy here you may try the toy you want to try knowing you will be able to return it if it does not really work for you.

And I can imagine, thats why Lovehoney is sooo popular. Great customer service and great return policy...

That's very true, but I think I'll proably wait a little bit first in the hope that someone might pop up who's knowledgable in all things prostate massage. I'd feel more responsible then, rather than buying on a whim and having to send it back to rest on the discard pile for all eternity, haha.

Well, I bought the G-Ki for G spot stimulation, everyone was saying how great it is, how it worked for them, the ultimate Gspot toy.. It had only great reviews too. Frankly... it did not work for me. For many reasons. Too weak, too loud for the strenght and it just did not meet my needs. So even if you have a toy with just positive reviews, you may still find it works for most, but it does not work for you.

Just saying things like this happens