Role-playing. Who does it?

Hi there all...first time poster.

Sitting currently in lederhosen waiting on my wife to get ready for a night of fun...

I was wondering about others who like roleplay as I can't imagine many in our group of friends who'd be into it...when time permits we really love to do it...playing various roles taking turns at being the dom/sub role.

So I guess my question is which of you other guys do this and what's your favourite roles etc?

Thank you for taking the time to read this


Hi SenioR and welcome:)
I believe there are a number of us on here who are into roleplay ....I definitely am ! I just wished my OH was a little bit more into it know , get into costume etc.
I love the feeling of being someone else for a while and living out a few fantasies.
I would say my favourite roles are saucy librarian , not too much of a costume required ....just a tight skirt, blouse and stockings with a pair of glasses to peep over the top of ! And naughty schoolgirl , I've got the full outfit for that . Oh and French maid too !
Sexy nurse is another ( need to get a proper uniform for that ) with hubby as the patient.
You might be surprised to find more of your friends are into it than you think :)

Absolutely adore role play.

It is so much fun.

My favorites is in somewhat submissive roles.. ie naughty student, maid, etc

Few times a month probably.

Wardrobe and dialogue can certainly enhance the experience


had to look up lederhosen lol

gotta ask, what are you 2 gonna get up to in that outfit? looks fun

Lots of people on here are into role play. Mysteron in particular, he's known as our resident role play expert!

I enjoy it, but I don't do it as much as I'd like. We are long distance right now, which is the reason why, so I think it will increase when we move in together. I particularly enjoy nurse role plays, but I've recently got some superhero costumes so I think they're going to be lots of fun..

Yep luv roleplays when we get chance. Our son's at a stay over next Saturday so we are hoping to get something done.

I think the police costumes ( his and hers)could be getting an airing. . Its just a question of who is going to be arrested first. Either way one of us will be handcuffed and bent over a bench for a bum bashing .The question is who ? Both of us are guilty of infractions !

My police costume from Lovehoney she doesn,t know about and is hidden. Just tried it on this morning and now I look pretty good in it. Just undecided whether to apply baby oil to my chest,. Any opinions on that ?

It could be a case where we both end up wearing a police costume to catch the other out .So we may get a police stand off yet and then it will be a case of who gets handcuffed first as we have 2 sets form LH .