Roleplay advice


My gf and i were talking and the topic of roleplay came up. Ive taken note and want to plan something for her one night. Her fantasies were fireman and being taken charge of. Im a quite guy usually so this will be difficult for me but i think could be a lot of fun. Our work schedules are bad so usually one of us is usually away with work so we dont see each other for a few days.

Anyway, my plan is to be dressed as a fireman for her when she gets home one evening. We live together

But how do i plan the senario? When she comes in should i rescue her to the bedroom? Tie her down and have her play the trapped victim? Or what else.

Totally new at this so all help appreciated!!

I have very little experience with role play. But for fireman role play I'd say the fire mans lift is essential! That's all I can contribute, hope you find your answers though

I'm sure that you would be a first responder as well because it's an emergency ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif) some artificial respiration and the 'kiss of life' would be mandatory along with taking her temperature and feeling her pulse via her vagina. ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

I'm sure you'll manage OK.

Enjoy. x

When she comes home you could appear in the fireman's kit and suggest that somehow she has been in contact with some hazardous substances and needs to have her clothing removed immediately. Obviously you insist that it's your job to help her.
Or you could say that you've come to check the smoke detectors and you find them not working which results in a little punishment, maybe give her a spanking ( if she's into it ) or whatever else comes to mind.
I can see why your gf likes this idea, it's one of my fantasies too :)

Wildflower, that's what I need. Something like that to kick start the whole thing. Great ideas, thanks!!
If there's any more keep them coming...

Set fire to the house! :p

I think you need to work some of the 'Oh, you're boyfriend's not home then?' in there.

If you have a secluded garden, have her 'unconscious' in the house, then carry her outside and perform some sensual CPR...

Here's a couple more ( had a bit of a think about this last night! )

You could surprise her when she's in the shower saying there's been a fire and you need to get her to the safety of the bedroom. If you can pick her up and carry her while she's still wet and naked then all the better! Best make sure she's not too slippery , you don't want to end up calling the real emergency services if you drop her! Obviously she'll want to thank you for saving her.

If you like the idea of surprising her get her to lie on the bed in just a bathrobe then make some excuse to leave the room for a few minutes. Once outside put on the firemans outfit then burst in to the room saying you've come to save her and put out the fire with your hose.

I think the fact that she's naked but you're fully dressed as the fireman puts you in complete control of the situation and that can be a massive turn on for you both :)

Thanks again, your a star.

Matt there's no secluded garden. We're in a flat so nothing like that.

She quite likes a massage ( who doesnt) but had a new idea for another night.

She's just coming in the door. I greet her a little formally and welcome her to her appointment at big mick spa. Bring her to the bedroom with a bathrobe and towel waiting then to the bathroom where there's a hot bath, essential oils and candles waiting. And a chilled bottle of wine with a big glass.

After unwinding she can call me and be assisted back to the bedroom which by now is full of candles (try hard not to set the place on fire ) and soft music.

Have her lie down covered in a little towel on her waist and give a nice massage which gets more inappropriate as time passes.

There's a few details to work out but that's the general idea. Like wording a few texts during the day to drop hints at what's to come.

The best thing to do is to have a few alcoholic bevvies. I find it brings out the dominant character in myself , which i would be to shy to do normally .
I unfortunately cannot contribute to the scenarios as i would have agreed with wildflower :) .
I normally don't big up the whole drinking thing by the way ;)![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif)

We're both not shy of a drink. Few glasses can make things a lot smoother