ROMP tips

So I purchased this the other day and while it’s lovely to use and does feel good, I’m wondering if I’m missing something. I have followed the instructions and wiggled it around etc but it doesn’t seem to do much for me?

Any tips?

I wrote this with the Womanizers in mind, but it may still be useful for the ROMPS too:


Here’s what I wrote in response to a similar question:

Good luck!


I’ll just have to give it a bit more practise :slight_smile:

Also, it makes a difference which batteries I use in mine. If I use bog standard batteries it’s nice but not amazing, but if I use leading brand bunny batteries it has a lot more power!


All else fails, if its not for you there is the returns policy

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I have this toy, when I first used it I thought it was going to do nothing for me as I didn’t feel much at all. After sticking with it and trying a few more times I did finally get to enjoy it and have many great orgasms with it.
The only reason I don’t use it so much now is that the husband got me the We Vibe Melt for Christmas.