Rope suspension help

Hey everyone I was looking for any help on rope suspension.

I have never used rope or 'hung around' in mid air but I really love the idea and want to try it BUT, I don't have anything to hang off. In most of the pictures I have seen, they either have beems or are in a place made for the subject. So as I know so little of it, how do you start out? What do you hang from? etc etc. All advice and tips are welcome. We are were an amature at some point so I look forward to reading responses.

Thanks all!

There is a site called esinem that have lots of written and video guides for suspension, tutorials on knots, from basics to more complex ropework. There are also a few other great sites with guides, but that one is my preferred one.You would need to suspend from a beam or other support that can bear the load. There are also some great articles and forums on fetlife that may be able to help if you posed the question to the experts.

Are you just beginning with rope too, or have you mastered body ties and knots etc and just beginning with suspension? I would highly recommend ensuring you know exactly what you are doing with knots and how to apply the rope to support the body in the correct areas (So that you do not damage nerves or the likes) and really get to grips with the basics and some more advanced body work, before attempting suspension.

Always have scissors nearby. Just in case.

Funnily enough fluffbags, I knew I would get a response off you :) Yes, im a rope beginer, never used it so ofcause will have to learn and practice ties etc but good tip on the scissors lol

Hehe I am getting predictable. Yes I really do recommend not attempting suspension until you learn lots more about rope. For example, there are certain knots that are designed to hold weight and not slide or slip, while other knots are designed to slip and will not support weight but can be used for other things. There are also certain places on all body parts that should not bear weight, due to nerves being closer to the skin and even certain thicknesses or rope materials that can be good or bad, depending. etc. There is so much to learn and even I would still class myself as a beginner, so I cannot give you detailed advise here, only point you in the direction of some experts.

Also worth checking out the Two knotty boys (knottyboys if searching their website) They do video tutorials for things like knots (Go figure hehe)

Great, I don't want to do serious suspension like upside down and all that, just simple things where I am just off the floor. Looks like i'll have to invest in a frame or something. My main intention with rope is just to restrain and look sexy really but I would like to try suspension. Have just joined a group on fetlife so maybe that'll educate me more. Thanks

I have always found the smell of ropes very erotic, and often thought about sex on old sailing ships.