Rough sex and swelling

I had a long (and very fun) session yesterday and enjoy pain play but am really not good at knowing when to stop cause I get so into it! Today my nether regions have scratches, and tears and looks like the entire thing has friction burns. It's uncomfortable but not too painful but I have to walk a lot in the coming week and don't know how much it'll hurt!

is there anything I can use/ apply/ do to relieve the swelling? I can't take ibuprofen or aspirin tablets. I have some arnica cream but am not sure it's safe to use on my bits or internally.

thanks! X

Do you use plenty of lube? It might be dryness causing friction, that's usually the issue for me. You know when I have pain after a sexy session, whether it be slight wear and tear or general soreness I use aloe vera or even sudocrem. But for swelling I'm not sure...

For swelling I'd suggest you sit on a bag of peas……there isn't much to be done for swelling unfortunatley, it subsides in its own time. I don't reccomend using arnica simply because it stings pretty bad when placed onto sores, cuts and so on and it sounds as if you're in enough dicomfort Xx

Aloe Vera just to soothe it, I would be very careful what you put down there, just keep it lubed up and let swelling go down in its own time

Thank you! Didn't use any lube.... Think that'll help next time. I do get very wet very easily but could probably use a bit more help with a long and intense workout :-)

believe it or not I ract badly to aloe... The purer the aloe the worse it is! May give sudocrem/ nappy cream a try - I never thought of that! Thanks :-)

An ice pack should reduce the swelling a lot. A bag of frozen veg wrapped in a teatowel should work well enough.

Sudacrem will probs be better anyway

Bepanthen could be a useful one too. It's another nappy cream. I find if I'm irritated from sex that Canesten cream for thrush can help sooth things. I don't know if that works for other people of whether it's just me.

Sounds like you'll be grand. I've always found that the vagina actually heals quite quickly. Definitely stock up on lube though. We swear by KY. Lube just makes it more fun. Oh and for walking, try to wear cotton underwear or at least ones that arn't likely to irritate your vagina.

Hope you feel better soon!

Like others have said already, ice is the best thing for the swelling. Use a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towl and apply for about 3-4 mins 3 or 4 times a day. I use Superdrug dry skin relief lotion, which is excellent for sensitive skin. It has no parabens, fragrance or lanolin and I use it down below after shaving. You could add 1 drop of pure Lavender essential oil to it too, as this will help to heal the scratches and prevent infection. If you are extremely sensitive then the cream would still be soothing on its own. Hope you feel better soon :) xx

I am a man so will have little knowledge all the the lovely ladies have given great advice. Being a man and thinking outside of the box. Why not apply some nappy cream to a panty liner and wear a skirt or dress for today to stop trousers rubbing ready for you week of walking.

ibuprophen or over the counter pain meds may work. If you don't allready cotton underwear is preferable too